52km/h in a 50km/h zone camera ION. $30.

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russ82, Jan 14, 12:50pm

russ82, Jan 14, 1:11pm
Hey Typozone, your illogic is awesome.

socram, Jan 14, 6:53pm
The schools around here on the main road (but not the primary school on a side road.) have illuminated signs of 40kph.The limit only applies when the sign is lit or at the times posted.

The times posted do not include 7:15am.

#17 also raises a good point about cameras being set at an average. So if the general populace already exercises due caution and I am sure I am not the only one who has occasionally slowed to less than 40kph at times, then the 'normal' driver is going to be pinged.

Weren't cameras only supposed to be fixed at accident black spots!

Fight it.Just write in and explain as the chances of it going to court are much slimmer for that speed. The only ticket I have ever fought (I thought it was unfair) was dropped without it going to court.

Sorry to return to the topic.I missed a couple of pages of baiting.

ema1, Jan 14, 8:40pm
Heck you can and do get more discrepancy between new and part worn tyres than 2km/h, I notice the difference when doing trips repeatedly over the the exact same distance over years of driving the one same vehicle.
I've also noticed the variation between indicated speed increasing when going by the same road side speed indicator over a period of time as tyre wear progresses, might not be as pronounced in a car though!

The variation in odo reading , hubometer in this case over 600km can be as much as 15km or more between having part warn tyres compared to new .which I have noticed just recently (and on other vehicles Ive driven as well in the past) when new tyres were fitted all round.
Had the vehicle in question had new tyres fitted recently!

flitt, Jan 14, 8:59pm
I am struggling to believe the ticket realy exists.

flitt, Jan 14, 9:53pm
Well, bad luck. I've never heard of such a determination before.

.Can I have a copy!

foxdonut, Jan 14, 11:19pm
People like you have had kids.

ringo2, Jan 14, 11:37pm
What are they actually going to do!

Strictly enforce a 4 km/hour tolerance within 250 meters on each side of school and preschool boundaries during high use times.

When will it happen!

The new policy will be implemented on February 7th 2007 when the majority of schools, kindergartens, play centres and other organisations return for the start of the school year.

Where exactly will these restrictions begin and end!

Within 250 meters on each side of school boundaries

Will it apply to all schools!

Yes and also preschools, kindergartens, Kohanaga Reo ,play centres etc,

How long will it apply!

There is no proposed suspension of this policy.

What times will it apply!

The enforcement will be a risk basis. This means that in general speed enforcement and speed camera deployment times will be between 7.30 - am and 6 pm week days when the majority of children are arriving or leaving school. However, it may also occur at other high risk times when the school is being used for events such

pocket2s, Jan 15, 1:18am
Last time I checked, 50 sign means 50kph and less; not over 50. 52kph, black and white, is over 50.

Suck it up and pay the fine.

Government departments have to find ways to collect revenues to repay the debt NZ owes.

thejazzpianoma, Jan 15, 1:49am
Its time we banded together and stopped this BS, instead of bickering amongst ourselves.

The NZ Police force has become and absolute sham and if people are really concerned about the safety of NZ Citizens and have half a brain then they should be supporting a push for change.

Why are we tolerating tickets for 2KM/h when these same safety Nazi's will do nothing about wandering stock on a blind 100km/h corner!

Or have no resources when called to an attempted kidnapping or when a known wanted offender is on a property.

Until people use a little common sense and call for sensible policing nothing will happen.

Many people have lost lives as a direct result of Police stupidity, it usually goes unnoticed by the media. I have lost a family member through this kind of thing along with property on several occasions. I'm tired of it and want some change.

elect70, Jan 15, 2:56am
Reminds me of the husband & wife team both trafficcops in 70 s . Used togo home for lunch 3kmfrom station& while 1 was having lunch the other was in the car with the radar going , then they would swap places . Used to get 20 speeders in 2 hours . Then a good neighbour 3 door s up put a sign on top of his fence warning ofspeed trap ahead . Police tried to have it removed but failed so they stopped doing it .

ginga4lyfe, Jan 15, 3:44am
the government and bad parenting happened.heck if i had a kid that got run over while crossing the road, id make sure he recovers so i could clip him round-the-earhole as he should know better not to do stupid shit in the street!

socram, Jan 15, 4:49am
LOL!That is exactly what my dad would have done too!

First day at school on my 5th birthday.Mum delivered me (on foot of course.) to school at 9am which meant crossing a very busy main road.No crossings, no crossing patrols, no island in the middle.

Lunch time, an older pupil (under 11) saw me across the road and I walked home for lunch.I think that was the last time I ever had any assistance to and from school and crossed that busy main road 4 times a day from then on.I can't remember any other kid ever being run over throughout the whole of my school life, nor did any of the lucky sods with pushbikes ever get knocked off either.

Rubbish pedestrians will probably make rubbish drivers. if they survive.Maybe that is the problem with NZ drivers! They don't learn respect for traffic and other road users when they are 5 years of age.

thejazzpianoma, Jan 15, 8:16pm
Because not travelling at a similar speed to others on the road actually does cause a notable safety risk. Unlike drifting a couple of km's over the limit.

Its time to stop bandying slogans about like they mean something and think about actual safety.

thejazzpianoma, Jan 15, 11:49pm
That sounds fine in theory (and I do exactly that in my camper) but bad things happen in the time it takes to find a suitable passing spot.

Even when pulling over for people the risk to safety is still MILES higher than being 2km/h over the limit.

You seem to think 50, 70 and 100 are some kind of magical safety guaranteed regardless of conditions numbers (just like the Cops PR people would like us to think).

thejazzpianoma, Jan 15, 11:51pm
Its like poetry! LOL, nice post!

thejazzpianoma, Jan 15, 11:52pm
Given he's from Tauranga chances are the indicators don't!

sw20, Jan 15, 11:52pm
Holy crap. So on SH1 north of Kaikoura there is a primary school. That means every truck and car going past is exceeding the speed limit by 50km/h+

thejazzpianoma, Jan 15, 11:55pm
It all starts to make sense. couldn't you just imagine Johnf 456 driving a Rover!

thejazzpianoma, Jan 16, 12:04am
Glad you got it! Thought it might have been a bit subtle.

hutchk, Jan 16, 12:12am
Wow. This is the most idiotic Internet Tough Guy statement in the history of the Interweb. Well done!

thejazzpianoma, Jan 16, 12:18am
LOL great links biker, and good on you johnf for taking a good natured ribbing in the good humour it was intended.

lookoutas, Jan 16, 1:55am
Only just got home after Kumeu, so can't be stuffed reading all 4 pages - but you guys shouldn't pick on 'biker', it was probably him that got pinged, (you know, like "My friend just got VD") - just wait until they find out he hasn't got a licence!
Just as well he didn't have a prang!

surf_quiksilver, Jan 16, 4:54am
You go whatever the speed sign says. There is a school around here on a 100km/h road.

matthew111, Jan 16, 7:53am
school zone. Ticket is deserved. Better that than some little 5 year old girl on your windscreen.