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shyann2, Jan 15, 8:25am
Had a guy was going to replace my spark plugs, leads etc. $500 worth of parts plus took my carby to redo & new steering wheel & boss kit. This was about 3 weeks b4 xmas. My ute is still parked where it was when he took carb off cos he hasnt been back since!I knew it was a stupid idea to get this dick to do it but didnt have a choice at the time. Ive had freinds keeping an eye out for him but surprise, surprise he isnt anywhere to be seen. am i allowed to put his name on here! Very Very pissed off cause i cant afford to buy parts all over again.

20498, Jan 15, 8:33am
Yup you sure can put his name up for all to see!

shyann2, Jan 15, 8:39am
Brendon Harris & yes im an idiot for letting him near my ute. Kicked myself a few times. oh well if he goes to supercheap or autoparts they all know & got couple of others places to sort out yet.

towelynz, Jan 15, 9:53am
Is Brendon a mechanic!Why would anyone let him work on a car!Good news is that you should be able to catch up with him.It's not like he going to do a "runner!"

shyann2, Jan 15, 10:07am
Oh i will definatly be catching up with him! He should know that too.been spending a bit of time in ashburton lately apparantly.

kaymay88, Jan 15, 10:49am
NO, you certainly cannot use this board as a forum to to publicise the names of people you have issues with.
to do so, puts you up for the possibility of being taken to court. if you have an issue with somebody, deal with it properly. involve the police. How would you like it, if I found out your name and details, and posted on here that you had sexually assaulted a young 10 year old girl in the past! you be pretty fuckin pissed off. trademe is not a place for you to air your pathetic childish greivances, or to publish other peoples names, and make accusations. not only is it immoral for you to do so, its illegal, and also against trademe rules. this board aint interested in you being to lazy, or down right cheapass, or thick to go to a proper, reputable mechanic to get work done, and getting screwed, whether your story is true or not. go away.

20498, Jan 15, 11:11am
PMS much, you FU*K OFF

ginga4lyfe, Jan 15, 11:17am
Trademe is also segmented into subjects, so go back to opinions, this is motoring and this thread has everything to do with motoring, as it is. there are people here that are from Ashburton and im sure they would like a heads up just in case they come across this clown offering to do work

20498, Jan 15, 11:21am
+1 I agree completely 100%

granada, Jan 15, 11:25am
yep, name and shame, bet he wont take you to court

towelynz, Jan 15, 11:25am
Just go to the police,he hasn't got a leg to stand on.They know of him.

big.b-lil.c, Jan 15, 1:45pm
the police cant do anything the parts were not stolen the owner gave permission to take them. having said that find the w---er and get your things back

shyann2, Jan 15, 4:12pm
Exactly. & where the hell did molesting a 10 yr old come into it!

shyann2, Jan 15, 4:12pm
Well said lol

shyann2, Jan 15, 4:14pm
He definatly wont. Ive had a young girl i didnt even know tell me hes got parts of her bf car that he had for months.

shyann2, Jan 15, 4:17pm
Have enough people keeping an eye out & will get something to the value of if cant get my parts. Hes not very clever doing shit like this.

shyann2, Jan 15, 4:31pm
lol took me a minute. should be an easy enough push over.

shyann2, Jan 15, 7:31pm
Silly me ah. Oh well hes even sillier if thinks hes getting away with it;-)

shyann2, Jan 15, 8:49pm
lol Yip i know who you are. & thanks heaps for that. I hate being stuck at home & he wouldnt of done it if i could go hunt him down. Oh well il just get madder till i can lol Wonder how long it will take b4 he hears of this! But might take ages since fk all people talk too him.

shyann2, Jan 16, 6:46am
Maybe small claims court! Dont know much about it but worth a look. especially as i had a freind here at the time. Not going to get off his case anyway lol He will get sick of it b4 i do ;-)

matthew111, Jan 16, 7:52am
report to Police

20498, Jan 16, 9:16am
Lol feed him to the pigs ^_^

iginoi, Jan 16, 9:21am
Probably f-cking his sister. Hopefully the C-NT isn't a registered VM

shyann2, Jan 16, 9:53am
lmao Yeah didnt really need that info before going to sleep.C-NTS are usefull, hes not. hes not registered.

shyann2, Jan 16, 9:57am
I wouldnt do that to my pigs lol mine are vegetarians anyway but theres an abbitiors not far away lol

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