wrong2, Jan 11, 5:29am
Ha! - yeah because we all know that non 100 km/h drivers are heinous criminals

my god do you ever need to get over yourself

wayne.collect, Jan 12, 6:26pm
seems like there are some passionate people out there

towelynz, Jan 12, 10:30pm
That's hardly the list of an outlaw.

smac, Jan 12, 10:55pm
No you'll never have to start from scratch. But depending on whether or not you ever got the photo licence, you may have to resit the theory and practical tests.

wrong2, Jan 12, 11:00pm
the login name , carefully selected

gives muppets something to try & be witty with when they run out of knowledge

wayne.collect, Jan 15, 6:09pm
great to see such a mixture of comments, be boring if we were all the same.

thejazzpianoma, Jan 15, 7:50pm
* Have called Police on 3 occasions when a wanted fraudster who was ripping shops off for about 80K a month for many months was being "kept busy" by other shops for us. They were "unavailable" 3 out of 3 times.

* Have called Police when I ran into wandering stock on a blind 100km/h corner, my car was only slightly damaged as luckily I had just come out of a side road. Absolutely no interest in following up what so ever.

* Have called Police when a wanted Criminal booked into accommodation of ours. First two stations called were "too busy" to turn up and pick him up.

* Have had a relative die because of police failing to notify appropriate rescue services within a timely manner.

*Have had Police fail to retrieve stolen goods from a shop within 50 meters of a Police station with a whole week to do so.

* Have been stopped at a checkpoint in a 100km/h zone with the cue extending to half way around a blind corner. When I mentioned this to the officer I got "oh it was longer before"

* Have seen Police notified about a potential kidnapping only to be told there were no units available. then saw a Police car arrive next door and pick up a Santa Clause. Clearly PR trumps kidnapping.

clanky, Jan 15, 8:15pm
I see this thread has moved OT, becoming a rant against the police. Come on guys, give them a fair go - there aren't that many of them after all - Tauranga has about 36, wheras a similar sized city in the US has about 360 (C&I channel). The job they do sucks and, if your job sucks, you sometimes look for an easy way to impress the boss. Agree with earlier post that most NZ road users can't drive - God, they're appaling - not too much in the way of real penalties for no WoF, Rego or insurance (just a slap on the wrist), or pi$$ poor driving skills, or lack of them. Time to change the rules so that morons cannot bet behind the wheel until they're 18, compulsory insurance and the destruction of all non-WoF, Insured or rego'd vehicles in use on the roads, mandatory 150 hours of driving lessons before test and an awareness that they aren't bullet=proof inside a 1.6 mm thick steel box.

wayne.collect, Jan 16, 7:58am
I agree, I personally feel the driving age in NZ is too low, 17 or 18 I'm sure would help some.

wayne.collect, Jan 16, 8:53am
Yes and so does mental maturity.

iginoi, Jan 16, 8:59am
Lol +1. Leaves more money for spelling lessons. BURDEN. Eric Burdon was the lead singer of 'The Animals' bro lol

iginoi, Jan 16, 9:01am
'No, you are!' 'No YOU are!' Lol 14 year olds are normally more mature than this drivel

iginoi, Jan 16, 9:05am
A faster one

iginoi, Jan 16, 9:07am
You spent 10K on an 80's road-bike!!!!!! Someone needs a brain transplant anyway.haha-

Friend's. Maori. AN underage. Come on man, starting to lose interest in your posts because of the grammar lol

wayne.collect, Jan 16, 6:18pm
I guess then that you must loose interest in 1/2 the auctions out there, I've seen way worse grammar than mine out there.

wayne.collect, Jan 19, 10:45am
I hope everybody has calmed down.

pollymay, Jan 19, 1:30pm
You have never dealt with these prats have you! The local boat club here is going into receivership if it can't start making cash (owner died and vandalism and theft means they run at a loss), the ARC is hovering over it and is making it clear they will shut it down and give it to the maoris. It's so stereotypical of what goes on here and no one is gunna fix the problem but the locals, no one wants to even know about the polys that tag everything as per their south auckland culture.

There are SO many laws that need ditching in this country, people self regulate to a point. They charge people that lash out so they keep their heads down. What happened to seeing a silly bugger doing donuts on your lawn so slashing his tyres when you see it parked in town or if someone tries to break into your car beating the shit out of them with a bat! What about ones that dangerously overtake so you get out at the next intersection and give them a piece of your mind. People are so shit scared of standing up and doing something for themselves, someone else will fix it, report it and something will get done, don't shake the cage cause what if it turns back on you. The people down my street won't even get off their ass when all trees lose branches and call the council to clean it up, take some responsibility people.

tshop, Jan 12, 6:10pm
HONKY! Baldhead

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