wayne.collect, Jan 6, 9:05am
I'm constantly amazed by the deaths related to Police chases. Apart from the deaths that can occur to inocent people and the Police, I don't care what happens to the fleeing driver, if they are stupid enough NOT to pull over, then they have the option that death may occur, and it sure does.

pete48, Jan 6, 9:11am
No sympathy for the wee darkie from myself. Odds on. the next one will be another ethnicly challenged 15 year old in astolen quick japa. Deserve all that happens to them.Pete

pollymay, Jan 6, 9:34am
I've run, am I a bad person!

tnt423, Jan 6, 9:38am
It's something I will never understand.

iginoi, Jan 6, 9:53am
It's because of over-exposure to PS3/X-Box whatever where you can score big points from running from pigs and press 're-set' whenever you crash.

Doesn't matter if it's a nigger or a honky aye Pete, it ends the same

wrong2, Jan 6, 9:58am
its the police PR machine that amazes me

its like they really believe the NZ population is that gullible

n1smo_gtir, Jan 6, 1:32pm
if u decide to do a runner don't take any innocent lives with you!

wayne.collect, Jan 6, 3:58pm
Good to see some like minded people out there, I agree, if you want to run, make sure you aim for a power pole and just kill yourself, leave the innocent people alone.

v8_mopar, Jan 6, 4:33pm
Dont know about bad, I would say stupid

lookoutas, Jan 6, 7:28pm
If somebody pinches my car, they should die.

jason18, Jan 6, 7:50pm

twink19, Jan 6, 7:56pm
blame the police, they made him steal the car, and speed off, career criminal since 13 saved the tax payer thousands

socram, Jan 6, 8:26pm
According to a snippet today, just about all police chases involve stolen cars, so instead of Mrs Collins stating they'll jail first offenders for trying to outrun the police, lets have all car thieves jailed for a first offence.Even 13 and 14 year olds.

If it means dedicating one prison in the country to those convicted of TDA (taking and driving away) and isolating them from mainstream criminals, so be it. Years ago, we managed a segregated section of our UK prisons for under 15s so I don't see that as a big deal either.

Singapore manages a very safe society by adopting harsh punishments so why not here!

rsr72, Jan 6, 9:03pm
#1 - Not 'senseless' deaths at all.

We are well rid of these lowlifes, and saves us taxpayers a lot of money in the longrun.

rpvr, Jan 6, 9:55pm
I have no sympathy for the parents complaining about police chasing their son. His death was solely caused by his parents failing to instill adequate survival skills - like leaving other people's property alone.

brokebloke1, Jan 6, 10:02pm
so bloody true!
I once caught a young guy trying to break into one of my cars i gave him a good bashing till the cops showed up,( I knew one of the officers ) who said That they wont press charges against the young lad as he was only 14 but his family was having a hard time due to "dad" being unemployed ! what a load of shit!

pollymay, Jan 6, 10:26pm
I'm actually fairly intelligent just sometimes I don't have the patience for a prat cop on ticket duty. I managed to do it in a 2L telstar towing a trailer full of motors once. By rights something that slow should not be able to beat such a "finely trained" force.

wayne.collect, Jan 6, 11:39pm
good on ya, "dad being unemployed", what a joke, at least he has a father, so many single parent families out there, the PC world is really f#&k@d up, at 14 the little bugger knows he is doing wrong.

wayne.collect, Jan 6, 11:41pm
I could not have put it better, NZ is full of soft cox parents, babies breeding babies.

wayne.collect, Jan 6, 11:43pm
My partner is from the UK, she said she was not able to get her license untill she was 17, I personally think NO license untill you are 18 for a car, and NO booze untill the same age, look at how many brain f#@k$d youths are out there, too many bad ones making the news, I'm quite sure there are some good ones out there, good parenting has it benefits.

wayne.collect, Jan 6, 11:53pm
yes well said, it was stated years ago that every road death cost us taxpayers $1M, probally costs us more now. The same with prison costs, was said to be $70K a year, probally costs a lot more now. So one could poss say that death is cheaper than a long stay in prison. Lets hope so. The goverment could poss do better by teaching kids to be adults rather than dole bludging child breeders. The world could be a better place rather than the one we have now. its full of people watching TV wanting things they cannot afford, so they steal it. If I could not afford it when I was younger I saved for it, the youth of today would not understand saving up to buy something, they are the "I want it now crowd", I own cellphones, they are a good tool, the youth of today would be lost without a cellphone, internet connection etc.

wayne.collect, Jan 6, 11:56pm
no a permanant tattoo on his forehead with "dumbass" would be a better option if he ever gets caught for taking out an innocent person when his overloaded trailer comes off the car during his next chase.

wayne.collect, Jan 7, 12:00am
"Dam straight, little shits deserve hell. But then they will blame someone else"

Yes they will just shift the blame to someone else, take the easy way out, to immature to take the blame like a man, they all sit down to pee, mine you with such limp dix you would think they could do it standing up, but I guess that means they would have to have a spine.

wayne.collect, Jan 7, 12:05am
"blame the police, they made him steal the car, and speed off, career criminal since 13 saved the tax payer thousands"

the parents are probally as immature as their son, they probally need neutered, no more crims coming out from that family hopefully. I hope us taxpayers don't pay for the funeral, but then again if we don't they will use the profits from crime to pay for it.

elect70, Jan 7, 12:11am
Stupid to think you can outruncops despite what they see on PS, even if your Biker 69 . In UK they have Suzuki Hyabusaso what ya out run that with !

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