wayne.collect, Jan 7, 12:12am
"If somebody pinches my car, they should die."

well said, would be better if they did, and the family pays funeral costs at least.

wayne.collect, Jan 7, 12:19am
Thats what we need more deaths from chases, so we have less breathing crims, more oxygen for me to breathe, lets all clap for the excellant job the police are doing in chasing them to their deaths, might be slightly nicer if the crims just crash and burn themselves without the chase, as long as if only tinnie houses and P houses that they take out, kill 2 birds with 1 stone.

wayne.collect, Jan 7, 12:21am
"Stupid to think you can outrun cops despite what they see on PS , even if your Biker 69 . In UK they have Suzuki Hyabusa so what ya out run that with !"

I sure 99.9% of cars in the UK could NOT out run the Hyabusa, a good freind on mine owns one, a nice bike.

wayne.collect, Jan 7, 12:23am
"No sympathy for the wee darkie from myself. Odds on. the next one will be another ethnicly challenged 15 year old in a stolen quick japa. Deserve all that happens to them.Pete"

YOU FORGOT TO ALSO ADD MENTALLY CHALLENGED, yes they deserve whatever happens to them.

azeo, Jan 7, 12:23am

wayne.collect, Jan 7, 12:29am
"According to a snippet today, just about all police chases involve stolen cars, so instead of Mrs Collins stating they'll jail first offenders for trying to outrun the police, lets have all car thieves jailed for a first offence. Even 13 and 14 year olds.

If it means dedicating one prison in the country to those convicted of TDA (taking and driving away) and isolating them from mainstream criminals, so be it. Years ago, we managed a segregated section of our UK prisons for under 15s so I don't see that as a big deal either.

Singapore manages a very safe society by adopting harsh punishments so why not here!"

THE GOVERMENT AND POLICE ARE FULL OF SOFT DIX, if the children where better taught by schools and family, and the laws involing drugs inc booze, and the fines/prison stays were better inforced, than maybe we would have a better country.

pollymay, Jan 7, 12:30am
I got my medal, have several racing trophies and have saved several peoples asses after big accidents. Added bonus is I haven't had to deal with crappy policing. They are a bunch of prats, ever been in an armed robbery only to have the police fail to pull through! Or be told there are no cops available for 3 days when they are just up the road radaring, they are a joke.

If you met me in the street you'd assume I was like everyone else and wouldn't even know who I am. Not to say all people that run are smart, in fact I'd catch up to selective ones and give them a few whips of the baton for being so dumb.

wayne.collect, Jan 7, 12:30am
yes children breeding children, crims breeding more crims, what else could be said.

wayne.collect, Jan 7, 12:34am
Yes the lack of Police to do the job that we would prefer them to do is frustrating, I've been burguled before, did the Police catch them! NO, if I ever found out whom they were would I tell the Police! or would I look after them myself! Did they ever solve your robbery!

pollymay, Jan 7, 12:48am
Nope, and the armed robbery of our tenants they gave the guy a couple weeks of councilling for pointing a 303 rifle about. Strong work. The times I've been on accident scenes they played "I'm a big man with authority" with me. Which is why a few accidents I've found I've helped them out and towed it away before anyone has phoned them cause they are just too difficult especially when it's just a car in the ditch or something.

azeo, Jan 7, 12:49am
Running from the cops, killing and harming no-one else apart from oneself (or a willing accomplice)- that's got to be worth a "Darwin Award" at least, not one of the best examples, but at least breaking a possible chain of a life of crime.

We'll never know if they deserved a "2nd chance", pity the brats that do these kinds of things don't realise there's often no 2nd chance, or no reset when taking grand theft auto to real life.

klrider, Jan 7, 1:36am
Serious! Keeping to a speed limit is bending someone to thier will! Its a privilage to be on the road, not your right, rules are for everyone and there for good reason, youd rather have an open speed limit for your fredom!Dork.

klrider, Jan 7, 1:40am
You call yourself intelligent and write that dribble at the same time! Yiu are an idiot, and a liar too. BS story, the sad part is you think it makes you somehow cool, lol, child.

wayne.collect, Jan 7, 2:08am
this now brings me to the point, how many young crim drivers have ever thought about their bodies other than 10ft tall and bullet proof. The human body is just like a sheep carcass, its NOT made of steel, but just soft tissue like a sheep or any other living animal. When it gets hit by a car it gets very damaged, as the car is much stronger than meat, bones and clothes. As you stated, rules are there for a reason. Our road are not the same as German autobans with an open speed limit, if we had an open speed limit our road deaths would be much higher, just imagine the deaths caused by little crim driving his NON WOF fast Jappa, at unlimited speed down some road after a couple of beers, can't afford a Joint, as he did'nt steal anything of value to buy a tinnie, booze, unsafe car, unsafe speed, what does it all add up to.

wayne.collect, Jan 7, 2:12am
Please read this and comment, I will be reading tomorrow when I have some brain time to devote to it, then I will comment, after a quick scan I can see both points of view.

wayne.collect, Jan 7, 2:18am
I say let them kill themselves, less burdon on the taxpayer.

wayne.collect, Jan 7, 2:18am
Pocket rockets, too easy to get and drive, I have NO idea what the laws are on 1st car ownership, but surley the laws need ammending.

socram, Jan 7, 3:18am
Unfortunately, it has nothing to do with ownership. They steal the cars they crash.Sounds as though too many 13/14 year olds are out on the streets at all times of the night when most sensible folk are in bed as they have to get up to work.

Parents allowing them out after 10pm at that age!

Even the average boy-racer doesn't try and out run the police in his own car as the police simply back off and wait at home for himto turn up!

When it is a stolen car, the police HAVE to chase otherwise the crims will always get away scot free.

Shoot the sods.

The figures quoted for a loss of life assume that person is/was a positive contributor to society, not a negative drain.That being the case, each bozo who wipes himself out means a positive gain for society.

wayne.collect, Jan 7, 3:35am
Yes reminds me of the little d#$kie that stole my bicycle a couple of years ago, told his mum it was a freinds bike, when since did a underage Moari ever own a $10K 80's road bicycle.some parents need brain transplants.

wayne.collect, Jan 7, 9:12am
I ride a bicycle and drive a car, and yes there are crap motorists and crap cyclists as well, some people don't have car, because they are not capable, thankfully, but there sure are a lot of drivers out there that should not be.

wayne.collect, Jan 7, 11:08pm
everybody gone cold!.

klrider, Jan 8, 6:57am
Wow, you are amazing, what a guy, fantastic,the best, so cool, just the nuts pajamas, you should have an exemption to drive how you like, just you though because you are amazing, no one else, yep you are the best, trophys! really! wow wee, yippe, whoppe, .what a friggin dick

klrider, Jan 8, 7:00am
Nope its not a right, thats why you apply for a licence, thats why it can be taken away, because its not a right,half wit.

xs1100, Jan 8, 8:15am
i actually have sympathy for the kid not at first but when i read about the parents having a go at the cops rather than worrying about their child dying i thought poor kid you never really stood a chance and this is the thing have a look in general about veiwing the body of a loved one theres a lady over there who has buried 3 of her kids,partner of 25 yrs and quite a few family members and as she said she is sick of the unwanted kids,born for a dollar value only and this kid was probably one

pollymay, Jan 8, 6:07pm
I'd go dig the pile of articles out but I think you are not worth the time. Have some serious things happen to you and see how strongly you start to lose faith in the false safety net of the law.

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