Clutch. Hi before i go out buying a clutch just wanting to know what you people think i got a crate motor box and clutch for my

frogs61, Dec 21, 9:08am
Hi before i go out buying a clutch just wanting to know what you people think. I got a crate motor box and clutch for my s14 silvia. Was driving it and felt like the clutch was slippijng i dropped it a few times and then went around a corner went down to 2nd on high reves then it pulled back and was making sort of grinding noises not gear box grinding noises then at a set of lights when i took off from a complete stop it stalled then drove off then came to a complete stop. I couldn't move. I can put it in any gear with out the clutch while car is running doesn't make any grinding or any other noises also when i jack it up drive shaft or wheels don't spin. Would be my clutch correct! Got told by a neighbour is was the pressure plate shatered , trying to confirm. thanks.

neville48, Dec 21, 9:12am
you've spun the centre out of the clutch plate be my guess, methinks the pressure plate would have made a bit of noise before and after destruction.

frogs61, Dec 21, 9:16am
sweet wanting a new clutch anyway, it wouldn't be the box at all correct!

hondalova, Dec 21, 9:18am
would be the clutch plate in wrong way!

frogs61, Dec 21, 9:26am
not to sure, when i put the new engine/box/clutch in drove fine, clutch was already in the box bought it complete from osaka. Think I may of shattered something!

neville48, Dec 21, 9:27am
snapped mainshaft yea but that be real bad luck but possible too.

frogs61, Dec 21, 9:39am
Could you explain what a mainshaft is please, thanks

snoopy221, Dec 21, 9:44am
Dude-or dudette.
if ya pop ya username in the search on the left.Nek Minut.
Lookie why doncha just get someone QUALIFIED to take a 5 min lookie-after all it could even be a lack of a circlip on an inner axle-and zee axle popped oot.

bitchwitattitud, Dec 21, 9:55am
He asked the same question back on the 5th. 2 Weeks later and he still hasn't dropped the box and pulled clutch and flywheel. Stop mucking about and get it done

hijacka, Dec 21, 10:13am
The straps on the pressure plate have snapped/broken. I never buy anything from Osaka now after nearly parting with $400 for some cusco adjustables i won off here only to pick them up and they where leaking hard out lol. 'Nek Minut. he cleans them up and re sales them on here i noticed. I don't like businesses that operate like that! which is why he is apart of my blacklist.

frogs61, Dec 21, 10:15am
aw that sucks hijacka, yeh they have gone downhill japrace is better imo

hijacka, Dec 21, 10:23am
No that sucks for the person who payed him out for damaged goods, He deals in secondhand Nissan stuff generally it was only really a 1off item that i was interested in which is why i know that they where the same set of shocks he has recently re sold.
Jap race are good i use them alot and nz performance, they are down off papanui road now in papanui

snoopy221, Dec 21, 10:23am
Sheesh can i ask a q! or2!
dude! or dudette!
Thing is if ya pressure plate diagphramn loses it's **oomph**
and can't clamp the clutch drive plate enough to drive the vehicle.

[Refuses to add up ow many 0000's of clutches done]
oh and a dead pressure plate donna rattle.

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