Billiards. in your garage/workshop.

socram, Mar 4, 8:02pm
Sorry. Only play pocket billiards.

cuda.340, Mar 5, 7:29am
sorry only billboards are on my 'cuda

i-n-horz, Mar 5, 10:09am
I not long ago bought one for in me workshop.(kids have taken ownership).not coin operated though but at the time there were a few around so just keep ya lids open they're bound to be back.

sfw4, Mar 5, 9:55pm
hahah mine ends up with my hot blonde wifey being bent over pool table while i serivce her from behind. we find it quite kinky :p
hubby using wifeys TM a/c

saki, Mar 5, 10:25pm
sheds are for cars and projects not stupid billiad or whatever tables.

ola_bitchola1, Mar 5, 10:48pm
im pretty sure it was a joke so chill the F@$K out

gunhand, Mar 5, 11:05pm
And what slot does the coin go in!

i-n-horz, Mar 6, 5:34am
ooooooo! have yet to put that practice into action.better start feed'n those Caronas ;)

i-n-horz, Mar 6, 5:37am
Duh! oldest boys flat is joined to the shed.let'n the imagination get the better of

jmma, Mar 6, 6:34am
So this is a game played with a stick and balls, right (o:

saki, Mar 6, 8:46am
Maddy forgotten your meds, I got a couple of crescents and a pipe wrench plus 2 migs metal shears, folder, my original tools and boxs from years ago oh plus a tool box in my boiler house at work and one in my workshop and I still feel tool deficiant.

saki, Mar 6, 10:37pm
You get kicked out of parenting, yes my shed is small, only 54 sq metres 9x6

saki, Mar 6, 10:45pm
Hiding behind mrs mads skirt are you.

saki, Mar 6, 11:04pm
I have taken my meds, certainly doesnt take much to tip you off your ladder does it ! yes my IQ is very low, any thing posted on here is public. I can pretty much like you, say as I please. If you dont like my posts VOTE to have it removed.

saki, Mar 6, 11:06pm
See ya Im off to M/h to get my dose increased.

ola_bitchola1, Mar 6, 11:07pm
Dear Maddy please go get F@&ED and stop wasting everyone's time by posting stupid comments go back to thy rock you came out from under

Thanks Bye