Did you like monster garage?

intrade, Apr 24, 9:21pm
Thesedays there is nothing of that sort on tv no more.

jezz43, Apr 24, 9:22pm
american chopper is still on sky. its not as good as monster garage tho

intrade, Apr 24, 9:32pm
yea i dont have sky.
but i found something Top. when i was in europe and its on youtube . i wotched at least 4h in total of the series somone uploaded to youtube. its called (london garage). the chopshop with (Leepu and Bernie)
3 weeks to make a sumo supercar from a scrap BMW was one of the first they done.
sparks will fly!. i like bernies pommy sweraing also lol.
thats just the main website dont think they link to the full youtube

jezz43, Apr 24, 9:36pm
i remember seeing that a few years ago, first episode they were doing up a car,, and the workshop caught fire or something and they had to start over again lol. was quite interesting

intrade, Apr 24, 9:37pm
american chopper do you get the latest on sky!
i seen a few in europe also have seen that the junior now split from the seniorand is togather with vinnie making his own shop try and compete with the senior. The only thing i dislike about the shows is the have a bit of arrogance they display on the show like look at me only me can do this american style it seems normal for there. i guessprime will screen american chopper in 5 years as all new series lol if they ever will.

jezz43, Apr 24, 9:38pm
not sure if its got new episodes on sky, i dont really watch it anymore as it got really really boring. i like the new topgear tho, but the aussie one is just stupid

74nova, Apr 24, 9:41pm
That programme sucked big time. was on sky for a few episodes then stopped. I watched 2 I think and it was just shit. couldn't stand the two clowns in it. Monster garage was good in its day but started to get boring.

intrade, Apr 24, 9:45pm
my australian friend told me they stoped topgear australia ages ago alreadey.
I did like american chpper on early series they showed in detail how they manuafacture things when you caredto lookthat sort of stuff i like as you can learn thingsthat come in handy one day. I recall making panel shaper they had from a air-chisel-gun. thats a idea worth remembering.

jezz43, Apr 24, 9:59pm
not sure about topgear aussie being cancelled, its still on sky, could very well be repeats tho. the aussie version was never even half as good as the original. ive seen it once, when the aussie presenters took on the UK presenters. the "working man" vehicle race was hilarious. HSV maloo VS a massive van of some sort with a jag V12 in it lol

intrade, Apr 24, 10:05pm
it seems i wotched all series already there is about 10 cars they make this link gets you going to wotch the lot free and no adds for enyone who likes it. i changed to 240p for lower resolution on slower internet.

carkitter, Apr 24, 10:29pm
That was a van body attached to Jaguar XJ220 running gear ie: 3.5L V6 twin turbo 550bhp (in standard form).

The XJ220 prototype was shown with a V12 and 4WD. After they got a stack of orders and deposits, Tow Walkinshaw switched the specs to V6 twin turbo (left over MG VR6 Group B rally car engines after Group B got canned) and RWD. There were court cases and some people got their deposits back and some didn't. The XJ220 was the world's fastest car for a short time until the McLaren F1 came along.

intrade, Apr 24, 10:37pm
this reminds me of a car i seen made by volkswagen them self. a bit like lepoo and hsv maloo thing. They madea vw golf to promote the new series 6 golf or so i think it has had a bugatty wayron engine W12 fitted and could be driven but it would not go round corners real well so would never ever be road legal but it was the promo car only.

bellus_sybarite, Apr 25, 12:00am
Its now Senior vs Junior ! you can watch episodes of the series on you tube. Check out juniors first bike build http://www.designbyjoyce.com/pauljr/anti-venom_bike.html very impressive and goes to show Senior was just holding Junior back.

jezz43, Apr 25, 12:17am
wicked looking bike. wish i had the cash to outlay on something like that. i wonder how much they sell for!

sfw4, Apr 25, 12:41am
yes i loved MG and it Inspired me to start my own garage projects again. unburied and dusted off my Mig welder, bought some new tools and manual machines for metal fabrication and ive not looked back :)

gta3, Apr 25, 4:06am
I loved monster garage, my boys and I watched it all thetime (I'mthe female of the family) the ideas they came up with were radical.wheelie ambulance, snowmobile mini, Peterbuilt trike

whqqsh, Apr 25, 4:30am
monster garage sucked!. When I first started watching itit wasnt too bad BUT when they started chopping up rare or collectable cars to make a POS I quickly got put off, The multitude of 'freebies' that actually made budget builds into big buck money-pits were annoying then the crushing of the Ford Pop drag-car because they couldnt get it started in time was the final straw. the guy aint no car guy, just a dork with an ego that cars & bikes happen to stroke

taipan4, Apr 25, 9:12pm
Yup monster garage, Orange county choppers, were all made for TV shows with overinflated ego's and had family "spats" played up a bit for tv. Vinny had good skills and the fat curly headed dh son was just there to get his cheque

elect70, Apr 25, 10:48pm
Still better than watching all the cooking shows on now , aint no more " mans" shows on excepttop gear.TV is women & kids these days .

sifty, Apr 25, 11:03pm
you just typed what I couldn't be bothered doing.

i stopped watching after they took a running old V8 Ford and did something atrocious to it.

intrade, Apr 25, 11:11pm

whqqsh, Apr 25, 11:34pm
this is funnier http://www.youtube.com/watch!v=LFGKxXcw9-o&feature=relatedmind you Id pay to burn that pimped POS

plasticboys, Apr 25, 11:36pm
to me they stuffed to meany things on it

wheelmann, Dec 12, 6:55am
I really enjoyed Monster Garage. But did tire of it toward the end.
Biker Build-off was a better show than American Chopper. Much better bikes and builders with a better range of styles. Some great engineering.