Garage keeping car parts.

d.bellz, Aug 5, 9:21am
I just got some new alloys fitted on my it normal for the dealership to keep my old ones or am I able to ask for them back!

ginga4lyfe, Aug 5, 9:25am
they were your proir to the purchase and they didnt give you a discount on the new ones for the old wheels, so why should they keep them!

franc123, Aug 5, 9:26am
They are your property, unless trading them in for the new mags was part of the deal ask for them back.

d.bellz, Aug 5, 9:46am
Oops, meant retailer

lugee, Aug 5, 10:11am
They are yours unless it was part of the deal, regardless of who it is.

drew2009, Aug 5, 2:01pm
Go get them back, Hopefully they aren't in the local scrap metal and 50 bucks in the car shops hand by now. Thats why they keep em lol. I find it bloody rude how i often have to ask for parts back before they hand em over, they just assume they can have them otherwise.

kazbanz, Aug 5, 8:37pm
Dbells-its the whole assumption is the mother of all 4343ups siuation.
Some companies do a deal on the basis its on an echange basisothers don't wann dirty up the interior of your car with dirty wheels n tyres.
But whichever it is -best you get onto them fast

bjmh, Aug 5, 10:56pm
have you had a hot water cylinder replaced lately.i bet the plumber doesn't ask you if you want the copper cylinder.scrap gold.

trader_84, Aug 6, 12:04am
Or sparkies when they clean up . picking up everything that has copper in it but leaving all of the stripped bits of plastic and cut zip clip ends.

johnf_456, Aug 6, 2:50am
Funny enough he did offer it when ours went last month, so how much do you want to bet lol.

andrea_w, Aug 6, 3:06am
Only the low pressure cylinders are made from copper, mains pressure is made from something totally different and are worth nothing (this is why they weigh about 3x more than a low pressure cylinder too)

jason18, Aug 6, 3:08am
hhaa yeah our guy left ours here too. he even told me I should get a bit of piss money for it.

wron, Aug 6, 5:31am
I got $139 for old copper jacket (was a biggie and low pressure) last week!

drew2009, Aug 6, 10:14am
Mains pressure cylinders can be made from copper or enamel coated copper or stainless steel. Certainly wouldn't say they are all non copper.

andrea_w, Aug 6, 10:34am
Rheem cylinders are definitely not made from copper. I can't remember what they are made from (possibly a ceramic type material) but yes, it is enamel coated and made very tough - I have seen the inside of one of these cylinders when the Rep was doing the rounds with a sample.
Some are made from stainless, Cooper seem to be using stainless a lot these days . but never have I heard of a mains pressure cylinder being made from copper.
Copper can't handle the pressure of mains pressure. unless possibly the wall thickness was ramped right up, but then it would no longer be cost effective.

drew2009, Aug 6, 12:40pm
There are enamel coated copper and even straight copper mains pressure cyls, some of them have ceramic outers and special liners and all sorts that can be removed. However most of the brand new ones are stainless or coated copper or even coated steel as copper is so dam expensive lately. Not sure what that stuff the rheem ones are made out of is or if it has a layer of copper in there.

lookoutas, Aug 6, 9:35pm
Back to wheels eh.
Pretty well covered before the subject chanded

drew2009, Sep 16, 12:05pm
LOL, my appologies to the OP, it happens.