Where can I get brake hoses made up in auckland

mopeds, May 13, 10:43am
For a motorcycle

johnf_456, May 13, 10:45am
What sort of bike!

mopeds, May 13, 10:46am

jmma, May 13, 11:01am
He already said motorbike, does it really matter what one!

try http://motohaus.motorcycletrader.co.nz/

johnf_456, May 13, 11:03am
Yes, to make the part finding process easier, rather than the custom route. Don't ask me about this sort of bike at this time of night though. Also by listing the bike model, someone else may have the same bike and let them know how they got on, so the attack is not needed

Without a model it could even be a home made bike or something you dont know!

jmma, May 13, 11:07am
Whats this "attack not needed", it was a bloody question !

johnf_456, May 13, 11:08am
"He already said motorbike, does it really matter what one! "

Reading between the lines it is, more or less saying why are you asking that, you shouldn't ask that. Nothing wrong with requesting extra information.

jmma, May 13, 11:17am
It was only one line, so don;t read between the lines, you already answered why you asked the question and thats what I was wanting to know.
So now that you have the information, can YOU help the op!

guider1, May 13, 10:03pm
Franklin Bearings in Pukekohe will make them any size shape or form to fit any vehicle.

tuttyclan, May 14, 1:00am
Enzed Stewart Mathews

crzyhrse, May 14, 1:36am
What part of 'made up' suggests to you he doesn't want 'custom' made!

crzyhrse, May 14, 1:37am
She's somewhat of a drama queen, isn't she.

bjmh, May 14, 1:42am
i know its not Auckland.butApex Brakes in Hamilton,send them your sample ,excellent guys to deal with.

johnf_456, May 14, 1:53am
Thread title: brake hoses made up

Made = custom
If the OP said where could I buy brake hoses for xxx bike then that would be different, pretty simple really.

crzyhrse, May 14, 2:11am
Yes, it would be different. It would make your question regarding model a little more relevant. However he clearly said 'made up', so your question is not relevant at all.

Do you get it yet!

crzyhrse, May 14, 2:12am

johnf_456, May 14, 4:46am
Made up still means custom to me. Which is why I asked what bike as you should be able to buy a brake house for xx model bike without going the custom route if its a standard bike. (i.e not a custom bike). Has it is easier to get the proper one if you can over going custom.

crzyhrse, May 14, 7:04am
There's nothing improper about 'custom'. Not only will it probably be cheaper it'll be made while you wait which doesn't take long.

johnf_456, May 14, 7:11am
Yup, I agree nothing wrong with custom but generally speaking the proper part is easier. But custom is fine if done right

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