Non-genuine brake rotors - ?any good

unbeatabull, Jan 12, 6:30am
I haven't personally used them on my own car but a few guys in the Nissan club have used them on 300zx's, Skylines etc with good results.

owene, Jan 12, 6:31am
Thanks, I should have said they are for a Safari TD42. a big bugger!

rayzor14, Jan 12, 10:16am
I have no idea on the specific ones you have listed however I have used the Znoelli slotted and dimpled ones from here on three different cars with incredible effect. Two Nissans and a BF Falcon - the Falcons are well known for brake shudder but in 75000km on the Znoellis it has not come back.

firebird15, Jan 13, 8:34pm
I have used the same brand of rotors on my discovery V8 replaced just the front rotors and pads, and it would out brake my mates XR6 on tar seal. I also run them on my A6 quattro and these things brake hard, and at no time have I felt they would let me down, also have them on my wifes A3 1.8 non turbo (so dont really count) but still brakes well. I buy and fit these my self, I can get you a price if you like, just give me the year and model number.

don_logan, Jan 14, 2:09am
I bought a full set of aftermarket rotors from this seller for my Ba falcon, service was good and 20,000km later, no problems.

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