Aprilia RSV1000R rear brake rotor running too hot

bazzaw2, May 19, 5:29am
Have new pads, rotor. All brake parts seem to be working properly. Pads can be heard very lightly rubbing. What am I missing here! Cheers.

berg, May 19, 5:37am
Excess fluid in the resivour not letting the piston push all the way back! Sticking caliper slides!

plasticboys, May 19, 5:42am
put a rule on your disk to cheak if worped

m16d, May 19, 5:49am
Keep ya foot off the pedal. You should never have to use the back brake on a thing like that anyway.

berg, May 19, 5:50am
Put a ruler on your disc to check if it is warped ( fixed it for you)
Most discs will have minor warp or run out. That usually doesn't hang the brake on

bazzaw2, May 19, 5:59am
The rear brake is average at best when working properly, I have checked to see if my foot rests on it and it doesn't, so must be rubbing without my big hoof. I did read some great rider say that on sport bikes he only uses the rear break as he parks in the garage. I will check possibility of overfull reservoir. Cheers people.

plasticboys, May 19, 6:16am
soyour saying put the king or queen on the disk lol

sr2, May 19, 6:21am
Do you have a figure on the temperature it??

bazzaw2, May 19, 6:26am
Too hot to touch with fingers, cools quickly

nzfatie, May 19, 6:26am
Best to get the back wheel off the ground and check if there's any drag, Might need to loosen the chain too, in case that's too tight and also causing drag!
If you can hear the pads rubbing, that's normal.if you can feel them slowing the wheel down when you spin it by hand, that's not normal.
Main causes are sticking calipers and/or the master cylinder.
The fluid level has no effect, as the reservoir will be vented to allow for the rise and fall of the fluid.

sr2, May 19, 6:34am
???Too hot to touch with the fingers??

plasticboys, May 19, 6:35am
how old is the bike! l work on race bikes and quite often have to pop the pistons out and clean them to stop them rubbing. the dust and grit on the pistons stops the pistons returning properly. rubber grease is the bestto reassemble them

bazzaw2, May 19, 7:35am
2004 good nick 15 000k's, I feel it is time to take everything to bits, will give rubber grease a go. Thanks.

desmodave, May 19, 8:14am
You didnt happen to buy that bike local did ya .American import !

bazzaw2, May 19, 8:51am
Hi desmo, Wellington bike, South Africa import.

muzz67, May 19, 8:51am
caliper not free to move around on its pins! it should have plenty of sideways movement when disc not between pads.

hijacka, May 19, 8:55am
Just send the caliper in to get rebuilt. Don't cut corners with brakes.

desmodave, May 19, 9:08am
Im guessing its lack of use thats caused the problem and its piston out and a clean or even just undoing the bleeder nipple and making the piston retract spiting out any contamination may help the issue.Note im no brake tech just to tight to pay for some1 else.I bet the RSV made the ST2 feel slow.

kazbanz, May 19, 10:18am
I becha everything needs a good ol fashioned clean up AND the resevoir is overfull--new disk and pad will push the piston back further than normal shoving more fluid up into the master

stimpy73, May 20, 8:11am
Also check foot brake pedal adjustment, with new rotor and pads fitted it may have been adjusted for the old worn ones, this is also supported by the fact that the rear brakes on RSV's and other similar aprilias are next to useless, even the bike tests say that, my 06 RSVR was the same, adjusting the lever to be very short before it engaged helped a little so check that this is not the problem.I still own an aprilia with the same rear brake setup and they are all very poor.

bazzaw2, May 21, 5:49am
This has been a very helpful thread. Will update when more work done, tho sr2's comment most interesting. Thanks for ideas. B

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