VZ Alloytec Thermostat Replacement.

ginga4lyfe, Aug 6, 12:38am
is it one of those ones were its built in behind the water pump! then, i wouldnt say the time is too far fetched, but is definitely a prick to do

richardmayes, Aug 6, 4:53am
Don't say things like that.

He will come along and bombard your thread with fluff about how Holdens are much faster than [Fords/Hondas/insert other make here]

mugenb20b, Aug 6, 7:24am
Just out of interest, can you tell me which Jap V6 has a thermostat access issue!

bigfatmat1, Aug 6, 7:33am
omg it just keeps going and going like the enigizer bunny

mugenb20b, Sep 21, 2:13am
That's like saying: "I have to remove wheels to do brake pads, bugger that".