Interesting V8 Skyline

phillip.weston, Oct 31, 9:38am
better off with a VH45DE but each to their own I suppose.

thegravelracer, Oct 31, 9:40am
i would buy that if i wanted a skidda love the idea but yeah i woulda went with the VH too but spose it woulda bein alot easier with the carb v8

trdbzr, Oct 31, 9:51am
he would probably have another p fueled meltdown

franc123, Oct 31, 9:59am
Hey at least that one could credibly be matched up to a Walky scoop.I like it, its the way that a chest thumping repower should be done, it still looks like Nanas RB20 could still be in there from the outside and inside and doesn't visually pretend to be something it isn't.Big heavy engine to have in such a lightly constructed car though, you do wonder what it would handle like.

patiki1, Oct 31, 6:39pm
LS1 would be better.

ofive, Oct 31, 7:06pm
LS2 would be even better again.

wrong2, Nov 1, 5:18am
better off in what way !

less expensive & less hassle to tune than the nissan v8

stronger at the same HP probablly too

gunhand, Nov 1, 5:34am
Now that could be worth a look. Providing its not a minefield of cert issues.

1ollie, Nov 2, 10:04am
They are actualy around the same price for a complete conversion & install if you really look, they dont need 'tuning' if its a fairly standard VH45 setup like an oldtech carb does regularly, they dont need custom extractors, 308 are not stronger, the best 308 carb power/torque figures I can find is like 181kw & 427nm compared to the VH45DE's 231kw & 447nm, compatibilty of Nissan parts is better especialy when you want to do things like speedo cable/gear linkages/mounts etc, the VH45 will be much nicer & smoother to drive, fuel consumption is better, sounds better(IMO) and at least its keeping it in the family!

Feel free to correct me if im wrong!

wrong2, Nov 2, 10:30am
is the VH45 a good v8 just because its nissan !

do all the v8 connection fit the RB designed skyline just because its a nissan !

how much can you pick a VHup for !

who cares about the stock HP !!!!!!!!

who in their right mind would keep the standard headers from either engine - insanity!

the 308 on the other hand = cheap , simple & commen

1ollie, Nov 2, 10:50am
1: No because it is just a good engine full stop! yes there are better engines out there of course but thats not the point.
2: No but many parts are similar and/or work together and will work together much better than any Holden/Chevy stuff.
3: You can get a complete VH41/45 conversion for around $1300-$2200 depending on where from or a real mint low km one for $2200-$2800. Probably about as common as a good 308 these days aswell.
4: Me, many others and probably 99% of the people that would do such a conversion.
5: Probably 90% of people unless they were going to turbo it or going for every last kw available from the N/A package! Because remember we are not dealing with shity old cast 308 rubbish with crap flow on a VH they are actualy not to bad for a factory motor!
6: Umm a 308 Cheep & common. where! lol and yes simple for simple people.

pollymay, Nov 2, 10:59am
I think skylines handled like crap to begin with anyway.

phillip.weston, Nov 2, 11:56am
I can understand an LS1 being a fine choice because it's all alloy, lightweight and actually puts out nice power and torque for its capacity. A Holden 308 is none of these things - it's heavy and just generally not spectacular at all.

The VH45 while being smaller displacement is a nice engine - quad cam 32V all alloy V8 with 6 bolt main bearings, a high redline and a noise that is simply amazing for a factory mass produced V8. The VH45 makes more power AND torque than the 308 in its factory form.

moosie_21, Jan 24, 6:01pm
LS9 would be the best