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gunna-1, Dec 17, 12:24am
No i wont stop rideing, just make sure the know it all constabulary wont give me any grief for my choice, i like a light and non protruding helmet on a bike, allso the weight of the thing and possible whiplash i worry about, otherwise all good each to there own.

gunna-1, Dec 17, 12:26am
See here we go, will you bugger of with your full face helmet and allow me my choice? i did here of someone being decapitated after a major accident along time ago.

drog, Dec 17, 6:58am

apollo11, Dec 17, 8:54am
Wire Fences and wire median barriers are infinitely more likely to cause decapitation than the strap of a helmet. There is a long list of things to be wary of before you get to helmet straps.

trogedon, Dec 17, 9:55am
Wear a full face helmet (for the good reasons posted above) and a neck brace or a self inflating jacket with neck brace = win / win.

sw20, Dec 17, 10:01am
Not wanting a full face helmet is like not wearing a seatbelt incase it malfunctions and you can't get out of the car in a fiery crash.

bumfacingdown, Dec 17, 12:26pm
"The authors present this rare case and compare it against the other two cases reported in the literature"
A rare event for sure and the case they refer to sounds like a fatal either way, with or without the helmet or an open helmet for that matter

richardmayes, Dec 17, 3:43pm
So something that he crashed into at speed, smacked the side of his helmet, hard enough that it sheared his head (and the helmet) clean off his shoulders.

I wonder how much better his outcome would have been if he was wearing no helmet, or an open face helmet?

gunna-1, Dec 17, 3:52pm
You need a large sharp knife, to cut yourself out hanging upside down in a burning car or drowning in a river, but the sharp pointy things and self resilience are frowned on.

bill-robinson, Dec 17, 7:01pm
do you mean that the seat belt buckle will not work due to weight and/or heat and/or water in the works? please explain.
as for the biker in the first post, afaik he is still alive which makes one wonder about some of the dogooders writing laws.

mrfxit, Dec 17, 8:37pm
AArrhhh yes. . . Sand flies in the eyes at 50kph.
Or a bee on the nose.

apollo11, Dec 17, 9:13pm
Hitting a cicada at 100k is like getting hit by a rock. A rock that smears you with yellow juice. I really pity the Harley blokes and their open faced coal scuttle helmets, it's no wonder they are too angry to wave back.

gunna-1, Dec 18, 8:46am
If you are suspended by it it wont undo, older lift catch buckles might have, but if your body weight is on the belt from what i understand it wont release the catch until it is cut or the weight has subsided, in other words, if you are trapped hanging by your seatbelt no matter how hard you push the release button it might not work, cars need a spring load mounted knife that pops out of the dash with a push like a cigarette lighter in emergencies, but try getting that one past the do gooders.

gunna-1, Dec 18, 8:57am
Pain builds character, harden up ffs.

apollo11, Dec 18, 11:25am
But stupidity doesn't. Smarten up ffs!

bill-robinson, Dec 18, 12:45pm
that is your 'understanding' but not based on fact then.

alowishes, Dec 18, 1:09pm
Do you also pity the Boulevard and Virago etc riders?
And what about Electraglide riders with a big-as screen?

bumfacingdown, Dec 18, 1:42pm
Tell us the facts then

apollo11, Dec 18, 1:45pm
I pity anyone who catches bugs in their teeth, I thought that point was clear.

bill-robinson, Dec 18, 1:52pm
google is your best source not me, you proved you doubted me by that statement.

gunna-1, Dec 18, 2:53pm
Ok, my understanding is in an old car that got replaced by pushbutton belts i put about 40kgs of my body weight into it and nearly snapped my thumb of getting it undone, it was easy with about 10 kgs of force, there you go.

alowishes, Dec 18, 3:15pm
Sorry, I was unaware that with you ‘Harley riders’ was synonymous with ‘anyone’ - so no, your point wasn’t clear.

apollo11, Dec 18, 3:38pm
Harley riders would seem to be the only ones dopey enough to wear coal scuttle helmets, hence why they were used as an example.

bumfacingdown, Dec 18, 4:36pm
Hmmm, interesting facts there bill, perhaps you could have used your own advice to correct the previous poster

alowishes, Dec 18, 5:14pm
Nice deviation.

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