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apollo11, Dec 18, 5:16pm
Expert on deviation are you?

bill-robinson, Dec 18, 7:53pm
you are the genius, you tell him and take the credit as well.

bumfacingdown, Dec 18, 8:58pm
Your call, can you not back it

mrfxit, Dec 19, 8:28pm
Mmm seems like a fair comment as long as it aims at the super noisy models

emmerson1, Dec 19, 9:52pm
I wear a flip-face helmet,and I think I have heard concerns that if you have the face up and catch something with it, the leverage could injure your neck. The manual recommends not riding with it up.

ronaldo8, Dec 21, 7:14pm
A Hardly Ableson rider clearly. Pity the fashion victim.

You may enjoy this, a millennial putting the boot in, and he's not wrong.

apollo11, Dec 21, 7:27pm
A Harley chunder-blatted past me yesterday on the motorway with his stylish open faced lid, shorts flapping in the wind. A great deal of noise and not a lot of acceleration.

apollo11, Dec 21, 7:47pm
Interesting, thanks ronnie. Not easy selling bikes to generations who would rather sit inside staring at a screen.

ronaldo8, Dec 21, 7:50pm
O they are buying them, just not those sad status symbols.

apollo11, Dec 21, 7:58pm
A friend's wife bought a new KTM200 to commute to work. Slid on a rail crossing and dropped it on her first day. Never rode it again.

ronaldo8, Dec 21, 8:15pm
Bugger, that's terrible, that poor little bike.

alowishes, Dec 21, 9:12pm
What makes you think that?

(A layman can detect deviation)

apollo11, Dec 21, 9:46pm
Lol. She liked the 'idea' of riding, but not the reality. I think the KTM went back to the shop she bought it from with some fairing scratches.

ronaldo8, Dec 21, 11:41pm
The old classic of pride coming before a fall then ;)

mrfxit, Dec 22, 8:50am
It's a very proportional thing.
The bigger the ego & pride = the more the fall hurts.

apollo11, Oct 8, 6:41pm
And if something as big as a Harley falls on you, it's gonna hurt. A mate hit a ditch at 40km/h on his hog and ended up under his bike, leg broken in two places.

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