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mrfxit, Dec 14, 11:53am
180MPH on a south England motorway in a T shirt & shorts

trogedon, Dec 14, 12:19pm
I hope they throw the book (albeit a very large book) at him.

mrfxit, Dec 14, 12:25pm
Wind chill at anything above 50mph can get pretty bad.
Dude should have been just about frozen at 180 mph in T shirt & shorts

muppet_slayer, Dec 14, 12:26pm
He'll be the son of a prominent business man and will get off Scott free!

apollo11, Dec 14, 2:37pm
Just imagine his skin if he came off. Similar process to a commercial potato peeler I'd guess.

mrfxit, Dec 14, 5:04pm
Penalty should be 1 year loss of licence / 2K fine/ confiscation of bike.

trogedon, Dec 14, 5:19pm
He was enveloped in the warm cocoon of a full sports bike fairing with the engine pumping out amble heat at 10 000 + revs.

richardmayes, Dec 14, 5:35pm
Dismemberment and evisceration is usually the result from crashing during this type of riding.

Crazy$h1t dot com has a lot of footage. Definitely not suitable for work, nor for the squeamish, you have been warned.

gblack, Dec 14, 6:34pm
I could imagine at anything like a sustained 300kmh the bike (assuming something like Busa or Kawasaki H2) would empty the tank in minutes.

But yeah, even fully kitted out in leathers, high speeds get really uncomfortable quickly with fairings only helping to reduce noise and buffeting a little. Never actually gone 250+ on a bike, but can just imagine. even hitting insects would sting a bit

harm_less, Dec 14, 7:34pm
This guy seems to have the hang of it and at least 15 minutes on his tank full at 273km/h average speed.

bumfacingdown, Dec 15, 1:03am
He is a teenager therefore immune to all the bad things you old duffers are on about

skiff1, Dec 15, 9:20am
Meh, I bet this guys never nervous chatting up a pretty girl! Not very sensible, but evolution has tuned some people to enjoy taking risks more than others. Nobody died.

amasser, Dec 15, 10:05am
Riding without a clue.

desmodave, Dec 16, 8:46am
No camper vans or ford ranger steerers about to hold him up by the looks .

alowishes, Dec 16, 9:38am
Gosh there’s some grinchy posters on this thread

gunna-1, Dec 16, 6:28pm
I recon, leave the bikes alone, if he falls of he dose a superman and ends up in the er eather way, i,de hate to be decapitated because of wearing a helmet wich is why i detest the things, that weighty thing on a scrawny neck, if safety is your game, dont jump on anything bigger than a scooter.

gunhand, Dec 16, 6:38pm
Have you had your head hit the tarmac ?

gunna-1, Dec 16, 6:42pm
I have sconed my head wearing a helmet with no inner lineing left wich is allmost the same, got knocked out cold, lucky it was only a small half size helmet as i went head first into the ground, i,de sooner be dead than have a broken neck or a snapped spinal cord. -

oh_hunnihunni, Dec 16, 7:02pm
Scooters are death traps. The only bike I ever had written off from under me was a bright yellow 49cc scooter. I traded the replacement in on something with the guts to get out of trouble.

gunna-1, Dec 16, 7:09pm
Funnily enough the bike i crashed was a scooter, i got it for 30 bucks of a mate with a half dead motor and the throttle jammed on full as the cable was munted, we would crank the thing up pull wheelies and use the kill switch, the motor was about to give up its last bit of life when i decided to get some air into the finns, it wouldent top about 20ks, but it got up and boggied out of nowhere and hit about 45, then the kill switch failed, the back break got hot and stopped working so i hit the frount break and flipped it over before hitting a ankle high fence pailing wich would have sucked, the frount end dug in and i went head first into the ground at allmost 50, got knocked out and electrocuted trying to stop the bike as soon as i woke up, then dusted of and rode it back to the car again lol.

gunhand, Dec 16, 8:09pm
Ive had my head slide along the road after hitting a railway line running parallel with the road, if wasn't wearing a helmet I wouldn't have a face.
And if you wear a helmet with out a lining or ill fitting or not fit for purpose well you may as well not wear one at all.
Can you provide some reasoning behind all this neck snapping and decapitation that was the fault of a properly fitting up to standard helmet?
Ive been riding off and on for 40 years and was a paramedic for 10 years and never once heard of such a thing. Seen plenty of times where a helmet prevented serious injury though, and that includes cycle helmets.

gunna-1, Dec 16, 9:19pm
The bottom protrudes around the neck wich can get caught up and rip your head of, i,ve only herd of it happening once, i want a tight fitting half face helmet or nothing.

gunhand, Dec 16, 9:34pm
So because you "heard" of it happening you will not wear a full face helmet? If it did happen it will a freak thing and freak things can happen in any situation no matter how protected one may be.
People crash cars and die, people get crashed into and die, do you stop driving, planes crash, do you stop flying, boats sink, do you stop boating?
And all these things do happen and not just heard of events. Geez I could trip over my front steps and hit my head and die, don't think any one will stop using steps.
Don't get me wrong you can wear what you want while motorcycling if it makes you feel better about what you are doing.
Oh, and motorcycles crash and the riders die, and sometimes its nothing to with a head injury. do we stop riding?

apollo11, Dec 16, 9:42pm
And if you face plant the road, you lose your teeth, your chin and perhaps your nose. There is a reason why they went to full face designs.


skiff1, Dec 16, 10:49pm
The idea that a helmet will decapitate you, is one of the stupidest ideas on the internet. The same internet that hosts anti-vaxers and flatearthers

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