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elect70, Aug 30, 5:10pm
So i bought set of big ends as part of a recon package for my range rover from UK supplier . After fitting the engine wouldnt turn , took them out & found they are- 010. on the back The order was for std shells & the box has correct part# but wrong shells . Supplier now say it is buyers responsibitity to check they have the correct parts before instaling so no refund or
free replacement & no recourse .

intrade, Aug 30, 5:32pm
yea well it is a bit like that . you would not be able to send it back anyhow as that be your next angry face comment as to how much they would charge you to ship anything out of here.

m16d, Aug 30, 5:39pm
Crikey. surely that would be the 1st thing you'd check before you bolt them in.

tamarillo, Aug 30, 5:46pm
That’s shit, bet they don’t treat their English customers like that. Do rock auto have them, at least they’d honour it.

franc123, Aug 30, 7:42pm
Not the first time that's happened, that's why you should always check before removing the plastic off them. Get your crank machined so they fit since you're stuck with them, they've probably done you a favour, it's highly likely it needed it anyway.

pdc1, Aug 31, 7:33am
maybe, but Id be thinking that the shells will be damaged now. If they aren’t cracked, the material in the shell will be squeezed.
Im not even sure how they got to the stage of trying to turn engine. I would have thought it would be obvious that they were wrong even before bolts went in.

lk104, Aug 31, 11:17am
That's the risk you taken by not buying local. Cheap is not always best.

cjohnw, Aug 31, 11:55am
I think we have all been bitten like this to some extent.
I tend to buy the bigger ticket stuff onshore if I can.
Might cost a bit more but saves a few sleepless nights!
Plus in these times it helps to buy local as well.

tony9, Aug 31, 2:33pm
No local place would swap after you have put them in place and tightened up, they are stuffed. And you stuffed them. As others have said, you MUST check the size stamps on them all before you put them in. Same with pistons etc.

You broke them, your problem.

And cheap may not always be best, but a reasonable price (frequently not available in NZ) is frequently available off shore.

tony9, Aug 31, 2:34pm
No, they would not. They will pay to replace wrong parts, but not after you have stuffed them.

sw20, Aug 31, 2:56pm
What was the phrase? Measure twice, cut once?

elect70, Aug 31, 5:52pm
Yeah wasnt hopefull of refund , stillthe whole package was under half the price of buying in NZ at rip off prices .In these days of computer control from manufacture to sale you dont expect this , the jiob was done in situ so lying on my back on concrtete floor didnt look at the shells . Ah well lesson learned dont trust anything .Ive found a USA supplier for correct shells at very good price

budgel, Sep 1, 9:18am
Why not tell us who that supplier is? It might help somebody else!

tegretol, Sep 1, 1:45pm
Who assembled the block and left it unable to turn? In my book, they should not be allowed near a spanner again. After fitting bearings (with lube), the crank should be tested for end-float and should be able to be turned with a wrench even with the pistons and cam/s connected.

elect70, Sep 2, 12:33pm
I did ive done plenty of engines inc race engine before put the pistons rods in & first 4 that were at BDC fitted with the BE s then tried to turn it to fit the next 4 but wouldnt . Bearmach have now appologised for the mistake they changed the part number for std shells but didnt update the catalouge . They have a duty of care to provide the parts as listed , the end user should not have to use a micrometer to measure every part . Waiting to see if they refund

tegretol, Sep 2, 2:45pm
What was written on the back of the shells?

nice_lady, Sep 2, 9:01pm
The supplier is in the wrong. As the purchaser you have the right to expect that the correct parts will be supplied as ordered. Wrong parts in Mislabeled boxes are not something you should have to even consider.

intrade, Sep 5, 1:10pm
supermarket gungster the c. t down gungster thugs advertised 11$ a kg minc meat in mailer i went to buy it said on shelf 11 dollers i buy a trolly full of shopping so i can avoide the zombi virus . Right i go home always ask for tax invoice its a offence to not provide a tax invoice. look thru it and i paid 19.50$ and not 11. 19 f. n 50 for f. kn waste meat that would normally be doog food. problem is its 15$ in gas to return it . and its not the only shop . normally i only buy 3 things or what i can carry and i look what comes up as price when they shaft me but with the zombi apacolypse in the wilde i could not look what the scumbags charged me .

nice_lady, Nov 24, 5:16pm
intrade. If that's countdown they will refund you the value of the entire incorrectly charged item you have purchased far as I recall, so you'll get the meat free. Ring them to check then Go back in with your receipt !

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