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b3373, May 1, 12:19pm
Hi all. I have just googling looking for some parts for my CRV. I came across that seem to have what I need at Rockauto prices. Has anyone used them before and are they a genuine website? Thanks in advance.

muzz67, May 1, 12:26pm
Well their website is not been updated since before Christmas.

budgel, May 1, 12:58pm
They seem to be based in Australia and therefore have Australia's high shipping prices.
I bought some rubber balljoint boots from them and the shipping was more than the parts even though the parts were small and lightweight.
Nowhere near the range that Rockauto has.

I'll stick to RockAuto from now on thanks.

franc123, May 1, 3:48pm
Australian car parts sites tend to be best for sourcing parts specific to Australian made (or market) cars but little else. Rockauto and Partsouq in the U.A.E still tend to be the best and quickest for aftermarket or genuine parts respectively.

b3373, May 1, 7:07pm
Thanks all. I just hadn’t heard of them. Will take into account shipping.

lythande1, May 1, 7:32pm

peric, May 1, 7:51pm
I've found to be very competitive if they have the items. Yes delivery is ex Australia but reasonably fast considering. Because delivery costs are high make sure you get the bits you need in one go. When you factor in the freight, rather than buying lower arm ball joint boots for example you might as well buy complete ball joints.

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