1996 Bongo Friendee Parts

intrade, Feb 16, 10:39am
bit difficult you are kocked up north now . supermegaautoarts.
or horopito or taumarunui wrecker but the dark skinned owner of taumarunui has hefti prices but if you need it you need it supply and demand io guess nothing one can do apart from not getting a part.
i got a steel rim for a 93 mirage mitsi from taumarunui for my accountants car.

poppy62, Feb 16, 8:19pm
Hey Intrade ! there is a MB100 van at Pick a Part Mangere has most parts available.

intrade, Sep 11, 2:12pm
yea tanks most parts you would need is missing already. i need a towbar for it and front right indicator lense its glued up on there. But thanks

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