R32 Skyline Manual Conversion

adrian77, Jan 4, 9:47am
Still need to know if the manual box out of a R33 RB25DE Coupe will fit into my R32 RB25DE Coupe without mods.

adrian77, Dec 19, 9:03pm
So we have a stock standard R32 Coupe GTS with an RB25DE engine and auto box. We want to convert it to manual and turbo it. What manual box is best suited?

ozz1, Dec 19, 9:57pm
best to go for the turbo box. (IF you can find one) stronger than non turbo.

adrian77, Dec 20, 1:59am
25DET then I guess. Not 20DET right? Is there a difference between the ones out of a R33 v R32?

motorboy2011, Dec 20, 7:06am
Turbo boxes really aren't stronger, they just have better bearings and the housing has more webbing. Best box is one from an rb25det ($1800-$2500). This would require you to use an r32 gtr speedo drive and a custom drive-shaft.

adrian77, Dec 23, 9:14am
Will a R33 25det box fit a R32? Is there any difference?

daz59, Dec 28, 8:13am
Cheaper to sell it and buy a turbo manual.

mantagsi, Dec 28, 12:01pm
How rough will you be on the car? For a lark I used an RB20E manual box on a reasonably grunty RB20DET and being a bit younger and considerably stupider, the car was given a pretty hard time, and over four years that box never gave a hint of trouble, was quite surprised! RB25DET gearbox is probably only worth bothering with in your case if you can get one cheaply; if a RB25DE manual is cheaper and in good nick may as well go for it

mantagsi, Aug 9, 3:05am
Oh, and turboing the existing NA engine. yeah as others say it probably isn't worth the bother. Consider spending the dough and getting a GTR front cut - they can be had for a reasonable sum. If so, yeah, RB25DET box, no messing about in this case

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