Stolen Xmas Present 2015 Model KTM 125

quickbuck, Jan 17, 8:26am
Thanks for the update. Fingers crossed for you too.

chevcamaro, Jan 17, 8:54am
good luck , hope the cops don't sit on thier hands too long

z-trademe, Jan 3, 1:59am
$1,000 REWARD ??

wizzbikz, Jan 3, 4:43am
Same thing happened to me. We started with my sons friends,friends brothers. brother mates,mates brothers "" BINGO "" found.

monsieurl, Jan 3, 5:16am
That sux serious ass man! Hope you were insured?

Get it out there on facebook, all the trade pages, hustle live, dirty south etc etc the more people that see it the more people who are going to notice someone selling or riding something similar. Hope your boy gets it back I know only too well as a young fella the feeling of saving and earning something for some dirty b@stard to steal it from the garage.

quickbuck, Jan 4, 4:18am
Joining the FB group to see the details. then i will share it around. Will also post it to the Victoria Motorcycle Club FB Page.

z-trademe, Aug 7, 1:07pm
Thanks to everyone that has posted support and helpful suggestions. We still don't have it back yet but Police do think they know who has it, fingers crossed.

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