Land Cruiser 70 series seats

spottie, Dec 31, 1:08pm
Some 70's came out with the single drivers seat and a seat and a half for the passengers so you could fit 3 in the front. Others have 2 bucket front seats and a few of those have a sprung suspension seat.
I am more worried about the certification necessary if you have to modify the seat mounts so would like to have a seat that bolts right up to the factory seat frame. There must be a seat out there that is compatible. Cheers

supernova2, Dec 31, 9:15pm
What's the problem with your existing seats?

spottie, Jan 1, 12:28am
Seats are worn out, just like any from a similar Cruiser.

ozz1, Jan 1, 2:24am
ring 03 313 7216 jamie. in rangiora.

elect70, Jan 1, 2:40am
If cant find seats then upholster the origonals or fit stretch covers over them & repair the springs if they are broken , still be cheaper than getting modified seat mounts certified $$$

supernova2, Jan 1, 4:03am
Ah, with you now. At first I thought you had failed wof because of the seats but now I see that you want to get some new seats that wont cause you to fail a wof.

spottie, Jan 1, 8:13am
Exactly, thanks.

andy61, Jan 2, 6:07am
How badly worn are they? ,I have repaired many Cruiser seats ,never come across any that couldn`t be repaired and some were rather worn, the suspension unit may need rebushing etc(engineers job) but springs, foam and covers are easy to repair.I havn`t come across other seats that are an easy fit into a cruiser.

spottie, Jan 1, 3:49am
Does anyone know of any other front car seats that will bolt up to the factory mounts on a 1986 70 series with suspension seats? Or some that would keep the wof guy happy if they almost fitted. thanks.

skin1235, Aug 9, 2:51pm
didn't the 70 series have a bench seat?
but you've said suspension seats so assume it to have independents, the base measures on most are very similar, a good spot of weld and you could fit whatever you like in there
first ones I'd check would be that era toyo sedans

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