Does anybody know how to turn seats in toyota

mumzthaword, Dec 7, 10:16pm
estima i have an 8 seater but cant figure out how to turn the3 seats behind the drivers seataround to face the rear can anyone help!

gadgit3, Dec 7, 10:25pm
Alot of them are bolted in the forward positsion so as they comply when vinned. So you may not be able to swivle them.

elvis58, Dec 7, 11:09pm
You have to pull the strap on the seat base to allow the back of the seat to move forward then pull the leaver on the seat base and twist seat.It will not twist with the seat back in the upright position. I haven't seen one welded for a good many years they simply fit a sticker on the window beside the seat advising it's illegal to have the seats rear facing while vehicle is mobile.

jono2912, Dec 7, 11:59pm
With my liteace, you need to put the back of the seats forward, and pull the whole seat forward, then you can turn it.

Not sure if it's the same story for the estima.

kazbanz, May 14, 9:58pm
mumz--it would be helpfull if you named the year and model :-)
But as a rule elvis and jono are on the money