Re-leathering a steering wheel

r15, Sep 10, 4:56am
is there anyone in nz with a reasonably fast turnaround who re-leathers steering wheels!eg its factory leather but work through

trogedon, Sep 10, 7:17am
I had an auto uphlosterer do mine for me. If its just a go faster wheel it may be cheaper to replace it.

unclejake, Sep 10, 7:26am
I had my Nissan wheel re-coated by Fibrenew. It looked great for a few weeks and now looks crap, but it still feels OK.

It was very worn and rough beforehand

ducatiss, Sep 10, 1:07pm
Look up wheelskins on the interweb - buy one and prob solved

magoo2, Sep 10, 9:08pm
what vehicle is it off! I have done several leather wheels,but they are very time consuming

socram, Sep 10, 9:21pm
I was quoted $300.

r15, Sep 10, 9:32pm
It's on my surf. 98 model. Face lifted from the 96 to 98 model. Cant even find a wrecker with one let alone find a tidy steering wheel

andy61, Sep 16, 5:20am
Did you get your steering wheel recovered!,I`ve done 3 this week.

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