Ford Sierra steering colum exploded diagram

owene, Nov 21, 8:44am
Probably a long shot but am after the exploded parts diagram for the Ford Sierra (around 1985-ish) as it was known in the UK. Not sure what it was marketed here in NZ as. Can anyone kindly post it!

sebastian55, Nov 21, 8:51am
My Dad had one of those for many years when we lived there. Very fond memories of that car. You may be able to find a better answer on the talk ford forum. A Haynes manual should be available from techbooks in newmarket but not sure if it would show the specific diagram you require.

owene, Nov 21, 9:13am
Ah yip, many thanks Sebastian, have posted a request on the talkford blog. Yep, I only need the diagram of the top half of the steering colum which i've fitted to a cobra replica - I stripped it about two years ago and carefully tied all bits onto it with a hunk of string but am now confused about the order in which it all fits back together! There are about 10-12 parts to be threaded onto the colum!

sebastian55, Nov 21, 9:30am
Good luck - you may also try typing in ".pdf" without the quotes into the ford forum sites. That is how I found most of the hard to find Mini diagrams I have (but on mini sites!).

bitsy_boffin, Nov 21, 9:47pm
I have the sierra (82-88) haynes in front of me,I'll scan the exloded views it has for you later, but it doesn't have much.

owene, Nov 21, 11:32pm
Brilliant. I only need the top section, ie the top half of the colum, not too worried about the lower part as not using Sierra rack or lower colum. Can you flick it over to me at owen a t english-familydit net (no .nz on the end).
I'll be forever grateful.

bitsy_boffin, Nov 21, 11:45pm

owene, Nov 22, 9:34am
Excellent - that solves a heap of confusion here. Many thanks, all will be assembled tomorrow. Cheers.

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