Removing steering wheel on BA falcon

fordluva, Feb 16, 8:20pm
ok so I have just spoken to an auto sparky who suggested I remove the indicator switch on my BA and try another which looking at it means the steering wheel has to come off, only issue I have is I have never removed a steering wheel on a car with an airbag before, is there anything what do I need to do to make sure I dont screw the airbag setup when removing the wheel!

ginga4lyfe, Feb 16, 10:02pm
you better hope that you dont have to do what if seen needed happen once, the steering wheel had almost welded itself tight in one of those, ( but not really welded) no amount of heat, force, or hammering would get the wheel off, we then decided to just replace the whole steering column instead of removing just the steering wheel, though i cannot remember if it was a stock steering wheel or a aftermarket one

andrea_w, Feb 17, 5:48am
Are you 100% sure the steering wheel needs tocome off!
The combination switch is usually made of 3 parts - the main body which slides over the steering column and the 2 stalks. The stalks usually unscrew from the body without the need to remove the steering wheel!
If you remove the shrouds (top and bottom) that sit behind the wheel you should have access to the combination switch screws. If you can't see the screws, turn the wheel to 10 o'clock (or similar), sometimes the steering wheel can hide them. you should then be able to remove the offending part of the combination switch

I haven't worked on a BA in that specific area so its just an educated guess from replacing combination switches on other cars!

panicky, Feb 17, 5:58am
why dont you plug another indicator switch into the loom and check it is actually the problem before getting too far in replacing it

bigfatmat1, Feb 17, 6:37am
undo the the bolts for the airbag unplug airbag place it facing upwards on the back seat I personally never disconnect batteries because then i have to deal with reseting radios and clocks. re 2 its a motoring forum people ask questions regulars probably trust the advice from others more than google.

fordluva, Feb 17, 7:44am
I am replacing the switch on advice from my local auto sparky, and yes I will try the switch before I fit it, need to obtain one first though.

drainpipe, Feb 18, 3:23am
I removed a wheel the other day. Disconect battery for a few minutes, then unscrew the plastic casing around the steerign column. Then there are 2 screws, one on either side on rear of wheel. the airbag and volume button etc will then pull off, then pull the plug for the electrics adn the two little plugs for the airbag - you squeeze the centre to remove them, then there is the central bolt which hold the wheel on, loosen this off a bit then gently rock the wheel side to side and up and down and it will come off the sqaure shaft. i looked at australian ford forum website to find all this out. the are those star shaped headed bolts, i used a allen key on the main bolt as i didnt have one large enough for it.

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