Signed Nardi steering wheel

totara571, Oct 22, 3:13am
i have a wooden steering wheel with E Nardi signature.can anyone tell me how much this may be worth and under which section of trademe should i list it! many thanks

trogedon, Oct 22, 3:25am
Look under Motoring, parts, interior.

socram, Oct 22, 3:48am
Popular after market steering wheels for Italian cars.I think you'll find that they all have the Nardi signature, as that is the brand name and is nothing special.Nice wheels though so if in excellent condition, may be worth a bit more than a Jap aftermarket wheel.Has it got the boss with it and/or do youknow what car it was off!
Google it or check (sold) prices on Ebay or wait for more expert advice on here.

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