New Clutch-Subaru.!

wolly6, Oct 1, 12:16am
Soooojust clicked over 120 000 km on my subaru and boom no clutch.any idea how much this is going to cost to get fixed and am i best to take it to a subaru place to get fixed or just anywhere!

mechnificent, Oct 1, 12:22am
Better tell us what model and engine etc.

gilligan2, Oct 1, 12:25am
Well your average 600cc rex or ace costs about 80-120 for a clutch add on three or four hours labour , I would say somewhere between 350-500.

1cocochanel, Oct 1, 1:42am
Cost me $923.70 at AA Autoservice, Greenmount Auckland2009 for my Subaru Impreza SRX wagon, 103,300kms. Clutch kit $374.00, Front diff 80/90 Oil $39.95, 5 hrs labour $393.75, freight cost $15, flywheel mach $45, spigot bearing $6, R/H inner CV boot was done too for $50. There we go, I certainly wouldn't take it there again. I should have taken it to a Subaru specialist, it may have been quicker and cheaper to get done there. Foolish girl I am. Nevermind, learnt my lesson. Clutch after being fixed was a pain in the bum, hated changing gear, it was like a racing car clutch, lots of revs before you take off or engine would die. Hated car after that so I sold it. ;-) I'd suggest to price around and allow for extras they may find. Blinkin Subarus !

eileenc2, Oct 1, 9:49am
Cost me about $1000 for my Legacy GT's clutch done by a Subaruru Service Centre because it was a special ceramic clutch or something.

hijacka, Nov 29, 9:04am
1cocochanel that quote seems reasonable and having a slipping clutch at 100,000kms sounds like owners neglected, Perhaps you needed driving lessons for a manual!
There are a few different types and sizes of Subaru clutches.
Non turbo(push type).$380 225mm
Turbo clutch(pull type) $500 225mm-230mm
With the 5spd turbo (225mm and 230) They seem to change at 96 with the GTB and v3 STI.the price above is for the turbo clutch and is the cheapest price I've found(usually $650rrp) and that's for a 230mm Exedy organic clutch kit at japrace supplies. Steer clear from puk clutches or be prepared to blow gearboxes and diffs if your running high HP and require extra clamping then Exedy do a heavy duty pressure plate that gives a extra 300lb clamp but still uses the organic disc for extra $150.