2 stroke oil for boat or motorbike

vix.tribe, Oct 3, 3:33am
Can the 2 stroke oil for a motorbike be used in a boat motor as well!

bellky, Oct 3, 3:35am
air cooled engine 2 str has an ash content to keep engine cooler - water cooled does not have this. that's the diff afaik

vix.tribe, Oct 3, 3:48am
Ahh, thank you.

While I'm on a roll asking stupid questions. how long does the fuel and oil mix last!For a motoX bike, if you mixed up a tank of 98 petrol and oil, how long till it wasn't really a good idea to use it!

bellky, Oct 3, 3:50am
my experience is with stihl and it lasts for extended periods - like 6 mnths 12 mnths no problem, doesn't even seem to seperate.

vix.tribe, Oct 3, 3:52am
Sweet!Cheers for that.

bellky, Oct 3, 3:55am
no worries - i store it in a cool dark place, don't know if that makes a difference but makes logical sense to me

bellky, Oct 3, 3:59am
ok to answer your question (all care no responsibilty here mind you) if you have some air cooled 2 str oil you don't want to waste, you can use it in your outboard motor (water cooled i presume) i would say, without damage. the amount of ash is very minimal and only builds up over time

i wait for someone to disagree.

vix.tribe, Oct 3, 4:12am
And sounds safer if nothing else! ;-)

The bike will be ridden at the very least once a month, so can't imagine fuel sitting round for more than a couple of weeks.Good to know we don't have to buy fresh fuel every time he rides, thought it sounded a little pedantic.

steve312, Oct 3, 4:17am
Petrol does deteriorate as soon as you add oil to it.I don't use old pre-mix in my MX bike.Anything over 3 weeks old gets used in the mower and a new batch is mixed up for the bike.

bellky, Oct 3, 4:18am
i wouldn't recommend using water cooled engine 2 str in an air cooled engine though. the ash content is important to keep engine cool.

vix.tribe, Oct 3, 4:20am
What happens to it as it deteriorates - what would happen to the bike engine!

bellky, Oct 3, 4:21am
what's that mean!

vix.tribe, Oct 3, 4:21am
Definitely won't be going that way. :-)

vix.tribe, Oct 3, 4:23am
It's a fullstop and a face I *really* wish I could actually pull! lol

maz61, Oct 3, 4:26am
it means, WTF! you do not put shitting chainsaw two stroke oil in ya water cooled outboard

vix.tribe, Oct 3, 4:29am
Or can I put it in there and just not tell Himself! ;-)

steve312, Oct 3, 4:49am
Have seen a few bikes run lean and melt a hole in the piston on too many occasions for me to want to have the same problem.Far easier to mix up a new batch each time I have a race meeting.
Originally worked on small 2 stroke engines when I first left school and the advice from many of the suppliers was to use fresh fuel in their products.Same advice when I attended service schools and repair courses.

I definitely wouldn't use 2 stroke oil for anything other than what it is designed and blended for.Why risk an expensive rebuild when it is easy to have a couple of seperate containers for motorbike and outboard fuel.

vix.tribe, Oct 3, 4:59am
Thanks, I appreciate your time.Certainly don't want to be risking the bike engine for the sake of a few dollars.
If it's only two weeks between race meets, and there'sa couple of litres of fuel mixed up from the last race, would it be risky to top it up with fresh mix!What about what's already in the fuel tank, do you drain it between meetings!

bellky, Oct 3, 5:03am
why not i use it my car

oliver6, Dec 5, 2:16pm
I use oli which has been premixed for months, sometimes 6 months. The petrol goes off a bit in the carb', so if a bike hasn't been started for a few weeks, I drain the carb', but then start the bike and run it with the old mix which has been in the tank, sometimes for 1 year.