Radiator gunk in diesel motor normal!

sunshine1968, Oct 10, 8:23am
Have noticed a greyish gunk on the inside of the radiator cap in my 1981 isuzu journey motorhome.Is this normal! What is it! Any help appreciated. Thanks

rob_man, Oct 10, 8:25am
Oil, you may have trouble brewing.

sunshine1968, Oct 10, 8:29am
oh no. It hasnt used any oil. Its a greyish gunk but not in the water itself!

sunshine1968, Oct 10, 8:30am
Hasnt used any water, nor does it overheat.

scoobeey, Oct 10, 8:49am
oil big repair bill

next-to-normal, Oct 10, 8:55am
what does the inside of the oil cap look like.isuzu are great motors.most likey a slight leak in the radiator and someone used a barrs leak type product .throw some motorup in the engine oil to be on the safe side.if you need a new radiator,the wrecker on morrin rd is good.hes got a store on trademe

owene, Oct 10, 9:37am
Has the vehicle been sitting around for a while! Any chance of posting a photo of it on here!

philltauranga, Oct 10, 5:23pm
Look for a whiteish gunk under the oil cap and post the results the grey and white gunk could mean trouble.

sunshine1968, Oct 10, 6:23pm
THank you all sooo much for sharing your knowledge with a "motorhome virgin". Thanks next to normal, I will keep that in mind. Owene. I traded the vehicle from a car dealer who could tell me nothing about it.The vehicle belonged to an elderly gent for 15 years.The elderly man now has dementia. THe motor has only done 98000ks.It has only done 54000k while in NZ (since 1996)I suspect that the it has sat for awhile as I found mouse drops in the cupboard and that"musty" smell. I have driven over 1200kms on it without it needed oil or water. It gets a bit warm going uphill, but the gage drops again straight away (Never gets hot). I just noticed the grey gunky stuff yesterday. Its like a soft grey clay colour. I think it smells like some sort of product - Anti-freeze!All comments offered here are most gratefully accepted and appreciated. THank you all again. :)

drog, Oct 10, 6:48pm
What about a radiator *sniff* test!

weaver2010, Oct 10, 6:53pm
Could also mean someone accidentally put some oil in the wrong hole!

Does happen and is a bitch to get cleaned out completly.

planted4u, Dec 24, 2:15am
I smelt the word virgin.where is she