Car help please - Re seatbelt

abbey_magick, Jan 18, 8:35pm
My back seat belt is sticking and wont retract until i pull the panel off and manually wind it back.

After I do that its fine for a few weeks, before sticking again.

Do i need to replace it all together! or is this something the mechanic can adjust!


kazbanz, Jan 18, 10:09pm
before you do that I would go out of my way to clean and degrease the belt and ANYTHING it touches. (except the actual reel)

mechnificent, Jan 18, 10:51pm
Yup, pull it right out and give it a good clean.

opencast, Jan 5, 4:42pm
Be sure to clean any build up on the top loop,you may find a patch of sticky goo on the underside of the loop where the belt runs, clean it and then pull the belt right out and Lube the webbing I use silicon spray, and spray the belt then work it a few times.

Pretty much as above.

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