What is the best car polish around!

menziesm, Jan 19, 5:38am
at a reasonable price. looking to get a really good finish on a silver colour.

m16d, Jan 19, 6:46am
Mothers California Gold.

antz91, Jan 19, 6:47am
meguires here.

cowboy110, Jan 19, 6:48am
Meguiars for me.

stevo2, Jan 19, 6:50am
+1, I use the 3 step on one of my cars and just the single step on the others.
Cheers Stevo

fordguy17, Jan 19, 7:14am
Autoglym. Or second best, Meguiars/Mothers. Both are VERY good brands, but most professional outfits will use Autoglym.

andrea_w, Jan 19, 7:22am
+2! That 3 step system is brilliant! Meguiars is the only brand I will use on my car

cowboy110, Jan 19, 7:30am
Gee I don't know about Autoglym.I bought some last year and maybe my expectations were too high.It's very expensive and sure, the marketing quotes companies like Aston Martin and Ferrari etc, but I found it really hard to use and didn't get the results I expected.The finish seemed quite streaky and almost oily.I haven't totally written it off but have always found Meguiars easier to use with a nice clean finish.

clark20, Jan 19, 7:52am
Mothers for me

bob1088, Jan 19, 7:56am
definitely meguiars!

hutchk, Jan 19, 8:05am
Practical Classics mag did a blind test a few years ago - funny thing was, when testers had no idea which brand they were using good old Armourall polish came out on top (yep, the one you can buy down at Pak N Save).

eileenc2, Jan 19, 8:11am
Hi. A question that is slightly OT. I let a kid clean my car a while ago and he decided to use a pot scrub to get some tar off. So I now have some areas that are dull compared to the rest of the paint. Could they be polished out! How! Would I be better off taking it to a car painter! Thanks.

tim8069, Jan 19, 8:17am
Ohhhh you poor thing, the thought was there.

thejazzpianoma, Jan 19, 8:35am
Farecla all the way for me too. Its a better product for a much cheaper price.
You can get it in half size bottles, just have a ring around the paint wholesalers and see who has them in stock.

This is a great way to start because if you decide to get a buff later the range is designed for machine polishing and there are some excellent pads made for the product as well.

Couldn't recommend them enough, the off the shelf brands are all hype and little substance by comparison.BTW given the exorbitant pricing of the little bottles of the off the shelf stuff even the big $50 bottles of Farecla are not that far away. And for home use a $50 bottle will last you a LONG time.

Also. don't forget to inspect you paint thoroughly before polishing. You might think you can rip in with a glaze because there is no fading but more than likely there will be contaminants. If there are then clay barring first should be a serious consideration, you don't want to trap contaminants under glaze.

BTW, farecla hand glaze is the name of their glaze, they alsohave various strength compounds should you need to do any cutting.

thejazzpianoma, Jan 19, 8:40am
Its hard without seeing how bad the damage is. If you have some cutting compound on hand then you could try that and see how you go.

How big are the area's!

Assuming you may need to buy at least one pack of cutting compound if it is just a little are dropping by a car groomer and getting them to give it a quick go might be cost effective.

Otherwise depending on how bad it is you may need to go as far back as 2000 grit wet sandpaper, followed by cutting compound followed by glaze. Depending on the compound you may need to use a finishing compound as well.

Normally I am big on Farecla but if you have no use for their cutting compound after this job then perhaps a cheap cutter in a small tin may be cheaper.

Also. ask around one of your friends/family may have some compound you can use if its only a little area.

Assuming its a green type pot scrub you will more than likely find that cutting compound will be enough so try that before sandpaper.

BTW, if you happen to be heading to Tauranga in the vehicle for any reason sometime soon I would be happy to take a look and advise. If its only a little area I could very likely fix it for you while you wait, my big buffer makes light work of that sort of thing and I have a range of different cutters etc.

eileenc2, Jan 19, 9:01am
Thanks for the help. It was a green pot scrub. I shall ask around among the family first and see what I can come up with.

bigjerry, Jan 19, 9:50am
Farecia. Never heard of it. something to consider when i re stock the shelf. I've been using Mequires recently. easy on and easy off. leaves a very clean protective coat.

icemans1, Jan 8, 6:58am

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