Small car with cruise control.

puppetman, Jan 18, 1:39am
I LOOOOVE cruise control. I am wanting a small car for economy, but it has to have cruise control. The idea is if it's a 5-door, I would drop the back seats to make a 2 seater, economical car to carry gig gear in. Just wondering if anyone has thoughts.

puppetman, Jan 18, 1:53am
Yeah good point. haven't thought of that. Definately not new. probably under $10k

thejazzpianoma, Jan 18, 5:17am
Even better stretch your budget a couple more grand and get a MK5. Its better than most of the brand new cars in its class and gives you stupidly amazing economy (Like 4.7l/100km on a trip).

Its leaps and bounds ahead of the Mk4 (and anything else close to the price) although the MK4 is still a good car.

This is what the MK5 looks like 332164176

The thing with the MK5 too is that with 6 gears and plenty of grunt (despite being super economical) the cruise control works properly as well.

puppetman, Jan 18, 11:46pm
Couldn't see cruise control listed on this one, but I will look out for these. Awesome. Thanks for this.Never thought about VW, but it's opened my thoughts to another option. Cheers.

richardmayes, Jan 19, 12:05am
Rav4! Be a bit easier lifting your gear in and out of a boot that is a bit higher off the road.

ulmas, Jan 19, 12:42am
Try a toyota Raum 1500cc has overdrive and auto,economical, easy acess, rear doors slide,can even carry a big softie hope this will help.

puppetman, Jan 19, 5:19am
So far looks like cruise control is an addition only for larger cars. Haven't found CC yet on smaller ones.:)

puppetman, Jan 19, 5:33am
Never heard of them till now. Looks great. Might give the old Bambina from my childrhood a run for it's money! ;)

berg, Jan 19, 6:57am
Suzuki Swift. The autos have cruise as an option. NZ's most popular "super mini" at the moment

thejazzpianoma, Jan 19, 9:34pm
Many of the 2.0 FSI ones have it. Possibly not on the 1.6.
The 2.0 FSI is a phenomenal car, great balance of price, economy and features.

Best to call/message and ask about cruise control with those VW's they have so many features often people forget to list it or don't even try to list everything.

For example all automatics are actually the amazing DSG transmission, but you don't see that listed as a feature in many of the advertisements.

thejazzpianoma, Jan 19, 9:37pm
That ones well priced!
I usually pass over the New Punto for the VW (I say that as a BIG Fiat fan. ask anyone! LOL)

But at that money its worth some thought. The 1.9 Diesel version of these is particularly good as well, loads of power and amazing economy.

craig04, Jan 19, 10:46pm
The newer Punto's I actually like.

thejazzpianoma, Jan 19, 11:04pm
I do like them, its just when you sit them next to the Golf for the same price they don't quite deliver. but then nothing else compares to the Golf for the money either.

A case of the Golf being extra good as opposed to the Punto being bad.

I would definitely consider the Punto at that money though! There was a 1.9 Diesel that went for that sort of coin a few months back as well. that was definitely worth a look too.

craig04, Jan 20, 2:35am
True, but I would be comparing a Punto to a Polo.

dave653, Jan 20, 3:02am
Our Commodores cruise control is crap, forever 'adjusting', I can drive it more economically myself. it's auto.

thejazzpianoma, Jan 20, 8:39am
Yes, and there lies the rub. The Polo I expect dosn't come good until the new version which I think starts 2006 which puts the pricing up much the same as a MK5 Golf. So again at that price especially I see your point.

I don't really rate the Polo's prior to that, even against the old Punto really (especially auto vs cvt).

I may be speaking out of turn a bit though as I am yet to lay my hands on a new Polo (can't justify it at the Golf price) so I am working on it being like a smaller golf given the engine technology etc is caught back up and similar.

I would also like to put the Polo against the Grand Punto size wise. Not looked at them side by side and I suspect the Grand Punto is closer to Golf size given then made the new one bigger so as not to be too close to the Panda and 500 after their re-launch.

I think they really wanted to keep the name as the Punto has been going great guns in Europe of the last decade.

You are great at raising interesting points and making me re-think my position!

thejazzpianoma, Jan 20, 8:45am
Yes, the quality varies. Put your Commodore against the radar guided cruise of some late model Euro's and you would be amazed.

I just can't see it being any good in an auto Suzuki (but havn't tried) given the Suzuki auto is a terrible vintage technology unit that ruins an otherwise fairly acceptable car.

From experience because a car can't see hills ahead of you (or how steep they are) and therefore accelerates late and only as much as immediately required, you need power and as many gears as possible for it to work well.

Thats why the 6 and 7 speed Golfs and Audi's get away with it so well.

Incidentally, the Commodore cruise control is likely perfectly adequate doing long distance on Aussie highways. Not so great for our terrain though.

craig04, Jan 20, 8:46am
Thanks Jazz. You can count on me for the cerebral comments.

sudsy99, Jan 12, 10:09am
Ford Mondeo

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