I'm looking at buying this car what do you think!

maz61, Jan 20, 9:17am
is price ok, opinions would be great, thanks.


40wav, Jan 20, 9:32am
Looks nice, and has low ks. See if you can get recorded service history, and it would pay to see 'in the flesh' before you commit to buying, if possible, as photos can make a car look really nice when in reality it's a bit rough. If it's not possible to inspect, see if the seller will take it for an independant pre-purchase check for you (may cost you a couple of $ but could be well worth it) and get them to put a new warrant on it if it doesn't have one already. (if they're reluctant, that should ring alarm bells) Otherwise it looks to be a nice car which will be comfy and nice to drive and will perform best on long open road runs. Good luck.

maz61, Jan 13, 2:40am
thanks for your advise, cheers :)

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