Where should I take my Kawasaki to get fixed! CHCH

rusty_thomson, Jan 20, 8:13am
I have a Kawasaki KLR250 for dual purpose use. It's had a few problems and I've taken it to this one shop in Christchurch but the same issues seem to be coming up again and again. (Basically the bike seems as though it has flooded but then never starts again even after being left alone to evaporate the gases until I take it in again when it is somehow fixed but the same issue comes up again later)

Does ANYONE know of a good shop I could take my bike into in Christchurch!


kazbanz, Jan 20, 8:20am
How long do you leave the bike between rides!

rusty_thomson, Jan 20, 8:22am
A couple days! Sometimes up to a week possibly but normally not more than a couple of days I guess!

rusty_thomson, Jan 20, 8:59am
BUMP, any ideas! My only day off for a while is tomorrow so really want to try and take it in tomorrow :D

muzz67, Jan 13, 2:56pm
sure youre not flooding it by twisting the throttle when starting it!

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