LPG in Dunedin. Anyone know the

nzldave, Jan 14, 5:21am
cheapest place to fill your car ! $1.63 litre at BP seems a bit stiff !

kimbo88, Jan 14, 5:52am
Apply for a Rockgas card and then buy from the direct sites - currently $1.09 per litre including GST.Best deal you will get anywhere.Can also use at service stations that sell Rockgas for another couple of cents per litre on top of that.The accounts are centrally billed from Wellington and you can elect to pay either fortnightly or monthly.

nzldave, Jan 14, 6:51am
Wow ! Thats a huge difference. I'll sure look into it. Many thanks kimbo.

kimbo88, Jan 14, 7:01am
No worries - it's a great system, I've been on it for about 11 years, and saved heaps.Nationwide coverage in all major areas, just fill up, swipe the card and then the account is sent out at the interval that you have selected, and money direct debited to your bank a/c.You are given plenty of time to make sure that the money is in your bank a/c in order to pay your LPG a/c.You get a list of nationwide refuelling sites provided, plus it is also able to be viewed online on the Rockgas site.

mustang-man, Jan 20, 12:00pm
Yeah we use that for our van i think. :)

chris_051, Jan 20, 5:10pm
up here BP is always about 20 cents dearer than the others the bastards.

sctoyota, Jan 13, 6:04pm
Hi shell was always cheapest when I had it.

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