Tinting who does it in Oamaru, Timaru, Dunedin.

lookgoodfeelgr8, Sep 20, 9:51am
I need to get my van tinted before the weekend if possible and will travel to get it done. I am new to the area so any recommendations would be apperciated. thanks

mbikeman1, Sep 20, 10:34am
there is a place in timaru on the corner of north st and otipua rd,i cant remember what its call though sorry.easy to find location though

shelleigh, Sep 20, 9:38pm
Contact the guy Rush at Streeter Concepts near NZ Post in Oamaru as I'm sure he would do tinting or know of someone reputable here who does.

jono2912, Sep 22, 9:25am
Tint a car.

johnf_456, Sep 22, 9:51am
Might want to watch the contact details there.

jasongroves, Sep 22, 10:34am
Why! Its not self promotion. Their not HIS details.

owene, Nov 18, 5:07pm
Who are you wanting to hide from!