Getting a car painted - Dunedin

pinga08, Aug 5, 7:30pm
see steve at broughton st auto painters opposite paknsave

poppajn, Aug 6, 7:19am
Your a plonker, think before you jump on the keyboard, Mr Prefect.

rob_man, Aug 6, 7:26am
How did you know he owned a Prefect! You're SO well informed.

gunhand, Aug 6, 7:26am
Do you not see half the crap writtin by the idiots produced by our school system of late!Half of what they wright is dribble and only ledgable by others of there ilk.
So yea he asked for anEnglish interpritation to assit in a reply.
And the OP replied he has a learning issue. He may well be one of very few who have an actuall excuse.
And jmma apologised as well which alot do not.

gunhand, Aug 6, 7:27am
LOL LOL, love it when twats make a bigger twat of themselves.

metallicafan21, Sep 15, 3:41pm
How much are you willing to spend! as I'm in Dunedin, and have a few contacts.