Dunedin: looking for a rental until end of Jan

fordkiwi27, Oct 26, 11:23pm
$100 a month! haha yeah right. so your fruitless searching for your $500 wof and reg car still hasnt happened eh!

NZTools, Oct 26, 11:23pm
The going rate for a crappy old budget car is around $25 per day. It would work out cheaper for you to buy a crapper, and sell it again at the end of January.

NZTools, Oct 26, 11:34pm
It may not be being used, but if it is a rental, it becomes a bit of a problem if you have a prang. The insurance will be void, or at least the excess will be around $2500. If someonelets you hire their shitter with no insurance, your $300 for 3 months rental simply wouldnt be worth their risk.

primemeat, Oct 26, 11:37pm
$100 a week would be better.

hrt, Jan 21, 6:43pm
Got an early Legacy with a new warrant and 148k on, but you'd have to buy it