Suzuki van van 75 motor bike(!)

jrlaw, Dec 2, 6:43am
Would anyone be interested in one of these strange bikes. 7500 k's on the clock last reged 1985

countrypete, Dec 2, 7:07am
Yes, they are a cool retro bike that seem to have a bit of a following.Check expired listings on here to compare yours and figure out what you might get for it

mantagsi, Dec 2, 7:24am
wow hard case! I had my first ever motorcycle crash on one of these when I was about 6 or 7, still remember it vividly. Just out of curiosity how much are you looking for it!

pettal, Dec 2, 7:26am
Got my L plate on one of those way back when ,, hard case machines .

jrlaw, Dec 2, 9:44pm
This one is very original and speedo has only 5,400 on the clock. Seat has perished, I may put it up for in the new year. Has a new battery as well.Runs O.K.Wife says it is filling the shed with stuff that I do not need!

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