Funny! Read this - from dunedin! or Gore!.

bigjerry, Jan 26, 8:44pm
i cannot read it. every second line is complete gibberish.

ct9a, Jan 26, 9:05pm
he soundsall to typical

rkauto, Jan 28, 9:55pm
one positive to be taken from this is he is no longer in gore and i would think incapable of finding his way back.

franc123, Jan 28, 10:31pm
Thats pretty representative of the types you would get down there recycling the same old crap around each other, whats even funnier is they all think they are master panelbeaters and mechanics, and the pink sticker material clunkers they drive are worth good money.They wouldn't know a genuinely mint HQ or XF or anything else if it bit them in the butt.

ontwowheels, Jan 28, 11:01pm
Can some one please interpret the above transcript! I shorten some words in txts, but the above is ridiculous and I can't understand it. The bits I could are classic though. Sounds like a tool.

jsbike, Jan 28, 11:16pm
my head hurts, this is all I can do for now.Toothless-
inbred: hello good sir, you you still by chance have that HQ holden!

Me: Which one! I have a few.

TI: I have the right person then! I was concidering to swap you my spac ford xf 4.1

Me: were you really!

TI: indeed I was, my names Damien resideing from Dunedin, I reside with the good fellow Zak Smith

Me: No thanks. That's my old car and I dont want it anymore, thats the reason I traded you for your project hq. the engine in the hq is worth far more than my old falcon.

TI: haha oh yes! I had to cut your past body work as it was far below my high standard. turns out my xf worth many times what you would expet. Im currently getting offers around $4500-$5000. Currently its about to be re-paintd. my 350 engine will outpower any 308 engine. Anyone in a good mindset would stroke that 308 into a 355! if you were choosing not to do this, id much like to know what you plan in doing to the 308 seeing in my opinion they are quite underpowered

jsbike, Jan 29, 12:00am

Me: are you so thick you can't tell the difference between a month old repair with bog and a 3 year old repair with bog!

TI: Oh really!! i didnt mind if it was rusty or not as I can fix rust to a very high standard did you know. On a side note, i'm not going to run into another gentleman on the road with another ford spac XF in the foreseeable future. At such time as my 350 engine is up and going, would you care to partake in a meaningless display of vehicle acceleration against each other! I would even do this with the winner getting the owndership of the lesser persons car.

ME: is this the same motor you have in your mum's garage in a thousand pieces 2 years ago when I took your hq!

TI: Yes it is, but now Im taking the t5 transmission out of the ford xf and mechanicly connecting it up to my 350 engine, of course this is after the engine is finished. After I have completed susch a mission we will see who's laughing! Good day to you sir!

Me: Your pathetic. Do you seriously think an xf 6 banger gearbox will hold a 350! those boxes are notoriously weak! I suppose next you'll bolt your 350 in your xf!

TI: Did you not know that it'sa t5 trans thats fitted to all v8 falcons and commadores form factory! Toput it quite simply I only have to change input shaft and adaptthe bell housing and then they will bolt up with no other modifications. At this stage I couldn't care less if it suffers major mechanical faliure as I stilh have in my possesion a Kitted th400 transmission. haha hahah if u were more of an upstanding citizen such as myself,you and I would likely get on well if meeting.

Me: Yes your really tough and know it all.I suppose the 350 will bolt straight up as well!

TI: spends the next hour attempting to convince me he's the coolest.and that a hq on bump stops is cool when they bend & crack chassis rails.

TI: well truthfully I actually reside in Gore, this is the place of places to be to see old cars that are re-manufactured to do 80km or spin around in circles called donuts, we have no cares on how low the vehicles are.

Me: You what! ROFL with the missus by this stage, I tell him I have no good reply due to being in stitches at his expense.

So I wait and tell him he's unsafe (all the while hinting at mental instability)

TI: I dont really care how safe it is as my name isn't Helen Clark whoForbes magazine incidently ranked 20th most powerful woman in the world in 2006!

Me: Obviously. I can only describe you as a tool.

TI:hahaha! Who cares as long as it drives and looks cool! A man such as yourself would not know what a old v8 feels like at such time as its off the speedmeter in 1st!

ME:mmmmmmmm okayyyyyyy.

rkauto, Jan 29, 12:09am
Brilliant js

townie55, Jan 29, 12:18am
I nominate jsbike as the official translator for the TM board.Can I get a 'second' on that!

jsbike, Jan 29, 12:41am
nah, I just used babblefish, 3rd generation inbred to english :)

bigracket, Jan 29, 1:52am
Love it, Very funny thread.

jasongroves, Jan 29, 3:14am
hay im form dinedun nd i cn spal jst grat thnx vry mush

nzmax, Jan 29, 10:54am
Can someone tell me what a "spac XF 4.1" is! I know an XF 4.1 refers to a Falcon, but Spac! .last time I heard that used was in that aussie comedy program Comedy Company, used by Kylie Mole to describe her sometimes school friend Amanduh.she is so spac, she goes, she goes, she just goes.

Oh, please someone translated that, couldnt understand a word

bigjerry, Jan 29, 11:20am
i second that. i honestly couldnt be arsed reading this thread. i saw it still had legs so i clicked in, and the translation is seriously funny. It actually made me have another go at reading to OP. on ya buddy!

bigjerry, Jan 29, 11:25am
nah. i still cant read the original post.

heads1st, Jan 29, 12:30pm
spac should be S-Pack - a ford optioned model for the XF.

asa50, Jan 29, 9:14pm
reminds me of this scene in Hot Fuzz!v=DtOwOQi-DQI

gunhand, Feb 17, 10:52am
Oh the embrassment of it all. Sadly its true though. But not just limited to Gore although we may have our fair share of classics being wrecked. But the younguns are moving up to VTs and AUs and leaving the rusty HQs, XBsand VGs to real men and who can sort them.
And who says the writtin language cant evolve. Pitty it wasnt into something we can understand.
Our future leaders and breaders are allowed to get away with this txting crap even outside the cell phone, they even speak that way almost.