Why blame the car

the-lada-dude, Dec 7, 9:19pm
or machinery, when something goes wrong !
who's really at fault !

saxman99, Dec 7, 9:36pm
The crack-smoking monkey that designed it, usually.

hamishcookie, Dec 7, 9:56pm
Having Lada in your name would indicate to me that you have a lot of experience with the car being at fault :)

kazbanz, Dec 8, 12:03am
AS A RULE I'd say itsoperator error without even thinking twice.
But over the years I've come across some purely devilish mechanical failures that have to go down as "stuff happens"

the-lada-dude, Dec 8, 12:18am
well it's ALWAYS the human input, from begining to the end

mrfxit, Dec 8, 1:06am
AARRH yes, mid 90's nissan AWD starter motors.
Got a GOOD story there about how to & how not to get them out

mrfxit, Dec 8, 1:08am
IF . talking about at the design stage. then yep agree
However, after that when the model is sold to the public . WHOLE >>>>> different story

doug207, Dec 8, 1:10am
I'd use a thermic lance.

mrfxit, Dec 8, 1:13am
Na got it out today & discovered a lot of what I took off, I didn't need to.
Not to worry, made it easier to SEE what I could see.

sanremo, Dec 8, 2:58am
Yeah, funny how cars that don't get driven don't break down.

mrfxit, May 15, 12:16pm
Sometimes they do (as in won't run properly or won't start)