Window tinting diy

cliveeb, Jan 3, 7:01am
done both before too. Got a van now I want to tint but see out of but that stuff from supercheap is a bit tricky . . . .

mdallas, Dec 14, 4:58am
im a builder, to get my hilux tinted it was about $400. Sweet but im just going to scratch the shit out of them when tools etc are in the back (d/cab no back seat just storage) diy ive seen looks rubbish but hey what ever. I was thinking has anyone ever completely removed there windows to tint them! have it horizontal on a good working surface, easy to trim all sides! or is there something i missed. I thought it would get a a sweet job at a low price minus my labour

pup2, Dec 14, 4:59am
Done mine in place. Wasn't hard. Not as good as someone who does them every day but a hell of a lot cheaper

ninja_man, Dec 14, 5:07am
for best results use the heat shrinking method, HEAPS of videos on youtube showing how its done properly.!v=M7UOQq3h2s8&list=FLr2Ux9UIY2q5N_7IEx9NNzw&index=12&feature=plpp_video

mdallas, Dec 14, 9:32am
Im gona pay someone. cheers

mellisa2000, Dec 14, 9:41am
If you are not really patient, and have an outside area to do it in, then yep. Pay. It will be worth it in the long run.

a18a, Dec 14, 9:41am
i pulled my windows out to tint them cause i wasn't confident to put tints on with the windows still in the car. over a year later, still looking as good as the day i installed them (no bubbles fading, etc.) it was that cheap stuff off trademe too

male_timaru, Dec 14, 11:55pm
always pays to pay someone - with most places they give a warranty on the product etc -

OR you can just pop up those for sale sign materials like you get in warehouse stationery and cut to shape and stick on in place behind the black of the actual window so no-one sees it - have done that 1 before and people didn't know they weren't tinted!

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