91 Maxima - electric window fault

200sx, Dec 2, 10:19pm
Hi all. 91 Maxima, NZ new - aside from the drivers door, the electric windows on all 3 other doors don't work. Either from the individual door switch, or the master switch panel on the drivers door. Is that a fuse issue perhaps, or a problem with some sort of control console. Any thoughts! If it's more than a $100 fix I simply won't bother, but if its a common and easy fault to fix , it would be good to know. Cheers in advance

ozz1, Dec 2, 10:55pm
rearwindow regs fail all the time.so do all. the switches.easy check take door trims off. and power each window reg up .will discount the regs ormotors.

rob_man, Dec 2, 11:01pm
I have a drivers door master switch that will fit if you need it.

studio1, Dec 3, 12:19am
Yep, common fault with these cars, I had to sort one out not that long ago. The switches are unreliable after 20 years of service - and they are interconnected - if the switch on the driver's door fails, the window on the passenger's door for example will not work as it no longer gets any power.
As Ozz suggests, the regulator mechs also crap out, and occasionally the motors do as well.

rozendaal, Dec 3, 12:54am
They also have plastic wheels etc for the window drive and which can strip, I loved my Maxima butby the end we had to replace the motors in 3/4 of the windows (not cheap either)

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