AE101 Levin Window Motor/Gear

unbeatabull, Dec 24, 2:56am
Hey, just working on my sisters car, the L/F Electric Window motor has popped out the white plastic gear with the two cables attached to it and has all untangled itself, the gear looks stripped ie the grooves where the cables sit are nonexistant in places, my question is are you able to get them seperately or will I need a whole new motor! Would ring Toyota but as I found out they're shut. Thanks

luxy, Dec 24, 3:55am
Just get a s/h reg from a dismantler

saki, Dec 24, 4:31am
Is that a surprise ( for christmas)

unbeatabull, Dec 24, 4:34am
Yeah, but most people on here would of told me to ring them instead of asking on here so I just established that I'd been down that route :)

Yes was thinking of S/H Reg, but the sister who owns the car is selling soon so wants to spend as little as poss, and I know a rebuild/gear kit would be cheaper then a reg/motor assy from a wrecker . or at least in past experiences they have been anyway

richard198, Dec 24, 4:41am
Someone one on here recently had a dodgy cable (frayed) in a Caldina regulator and fixed it with a pick a part second. (Don't know if that helps!)
(I don't they payed much for it either)

ozz1, Dec 25, 1:30am
gooduseds/h complete tested reg and motor$50 icluding freight.

intrade, Dec 25, 2:09am
you be getting a shock at what the part from toyota would cost if they where open it be 14 day ex japan 560$ for a new unit. my fiat manual winder was 56$ same day . so secoundhand is your only option unless you got plenty $$

sheepey, Dec 25, 4:49am
I replaced one in a corona for a friend, she had bought the part Taiwan new and it was really cheap. Quality looked ok and it's still going 3 odd years later. Might be worth you looking around.

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