HONDA CB Accord slotted rear brake pistons

laneyjan, Feb 11, 11:58pm
I have just replaced rear brake pads and wonder if its possible for tab on inner brake pad to not be in one of the slots. Can it be on a high point! How would i know! I screwed piston in and fitted caliper but couldnt tell if tab seated properly or not. What does it have this tab/slot arrangement for! Handbrake I guess but dont know how it works. Any info gratefully received.

therafter1, Feb 12, 2:00am
At a guess I would say that he has quite probably got it right, and is worrying about nothing. Usually there is so little clearance with the piston fully compressed/wound back in that if you attempt to fit the caliper back over the pads if the tab isn??

laneyjan, Feb 12, 3:13am
thanks guys I was thinking that I would jack it up and spin the wheel to check for bind and to see if the handbrake worked on both wheels .failing that its not hard to take caliper off again and really watch if it is in slot properlyso does the piston turn every time the brake is pressed! guess it does

panicky, Feb 12, 3:17am
No the tit on the back of the pad goes into the slot and stops it from turning.

laneyjan, Feb 12, 3:33am
thanks panicky but its me who is doing this at the moment. I have jacked up each wheel separately and checked for binding,slight scratching noise sounds about right, and then tried the handbrake and it works normally on both wheels.Should I redo this job and make sure tit is in slot! I would hate a lopsided piston pressur e,damage and poor brakes when needed.

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