Holden Astra 2008

sparkey2, Feb 25, 1:17am
Hi all, can anyone who knows anything about these cars give me their opinion as I am thinking about buying one and dont know much about them thanks.

sparkey2, Feb 25, 2:22am
anyone at all got an opinion cos i really need your advice

ric7, Feb 25, 2:26am
stay away from them, will have lots of issues in the future

treachug, Feb 25, 3:43am
2008 would make it a AH series Astra. If looked after (regular servicing etc) they are reliable etc & a great car. The knockers will be here soon to rubbish them but just remember, like all cars, they all have their faults.

toyboy3, May 24, 11:50am
but some makes are a bigger drain on the pocket and help financethe motor trade alot

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