HONDA 2.3HP Outboard Motor - how noisy

greenwing, Jan 27, 2:59am
Hope I'm in the right category, there's nothing for boating. I recently bought a used Honda 2.3HP 4 stroke outboard motor. Very happy with it but find that that it gets quite noisy from halfway point on throttle onwards.Ok for a short trip, but going any distance it gets annoying and next time I'm going to wear earmuffs. I'm wondering if I have an exhaust leak although that usually has a distintive sound which I haven't noticed - interested to hear what other 2 or 2.3HP Honda owners say about their motors.

ringo2, Jan 27, 3:23am
Try the "Cars, bikes and boats" forum. The 7th one down on the dropdown list.

gadgit3, Jan 27, 3:27am
What! where are you finding this list lol

gadgit3, Jan 27, 3:27am
Is it air cooled or water cooled !

the_chooky, Jan 27, 5:09am
Must have a busted exhaust.
My 2 horse runs sweet as on full ra and makes bugger all noise.

ralphdog1, Jan 27, 6:08am
Haha, that is a piece of genuine wit.

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