Falcon XH panel van. Starter motor?. My reliable old workhorse wont start last week i had to start it with jumper leads but was

tiab, Jan 13, 3:28am
My reliable old workhorse wont start.
Last week I had to start it with jumper leads, but was puzzled as the battery was fully charged.
This morning i tried to start it after a week of sitting on the drive and and it made a real crook ticking noise.
Now its not doing a thing.
Anyone else had the same problem!
if it does need a new starter motor, how much much would i be looking at to replace!

nave12, Jan 13, 3:38am
Are the terminals nice and tight on the battery!.

pup2, Jan 13, 4:13am
and starter

tiab, Jan 13, 5:05am
Cheers nave12 and pup2, all sorted!
Now can either of you help me with this problem!
My hazard lights have a mind of their own! Come on when I drive over a bump.
Quick solution: take out hazard lights fuse!
Where is it!
Would this have anything to do with the rooted factory alarm!
How would I remove this!

pup2, Jan 13, 8:06am
I would be looking at the alarm, just cut and seal the wire from the alarm that joins into your hazard light circuit.

tiab, Jan 16, 5:46am
sorted. cheers guys!

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